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Said about Me:

The AUTHOR of Mom Blogging for Dummies, Wendy Piersall:




“I’m definitely going to keep with you, because you are a serious tweeter!  The button price sounds great too.” – Shannon: The Rosary Lady


“I love Jamie’s openness and willingness to talk with anyone and help out and I love the stories of her adventures in parenting her little girl who she calls Cupcakes. ” – Sarah at ItsaVol

You may tweet a lot but they are all great tweets! :)Dani (@ImperialScum) from Twitter

go talk to her about she is THE online expert! … she is WAY cool.” John (@DaddysInCharge) from Twitter

“a very kind and encouraging mom” – @SaskaDad from Twitter

“Every time I see your name, I want some freaking cupcakes!” – @MrsViciere from Twitter

“You must be awesome because you love cupcakes :).” – @Cupcakekellys from Twitter

“Just followed your button tutorial on your blog and I did it, first try!  Your directions rock!  You must be a good teacher.”@myleilaland from Twitter

“Love following her and reading her blogs.  You will too!” and “You are to cool so glad I have met you on here :)@DCTShop from Twitter

“#FF [follow] this cute mommy of a cupcake :) (that’s what she calls her baby) for sweetness, realism and a good dose of Catholicism” – @LaceyAnn2008 from Twitter

“Where would I be without you?  I’d probably be on a PC and updating my myspace.” – Violetta from Vivere Liberi

About my Buttons:

Lacey from The Southern Mommy Chronicles said, “She [Jamie at Loving Life] took elements from my blog and made me something totally unique, nothing generic like I’ve seen some buttons!”  Read the rest of her Review HERE!

Melissa from The Mommyhood Chroniclessaid, “I am def going to take you up on your offer to make the blog button in the future once I have done it for a few weeks. Your cost is fantastic!”After I did Melissa’s button, she said, “You did awesome… :) You rock. I love seeing your button on other blogs”

“I love them all so I’m glad I had you choose!  You Rock!” –@DCTShop at DreamsComeTrueShop.com

Danielle from the blog – Sweet Serendipity said, “It all worked out beautifully.  I love my updates on my blog.  It is exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much!  You were so helpful, patient and creative.  :)”  and “You are so great to work with, everything is so quick.  I am glad we found each other.  I am not computer savvy at all so hopefully I can call upon you for more stuff.  :)”

“Oh my gosh! I put the blue fish button on my facebook page and it looks fantastic!  The plain white makes the fish stand out!  It’s perfect, as if it was meant to be there!  I love it!!  Thank you so very much!” – Veronica from the blog – My Catholic Kitchen 

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