7QT: Summer Fun, Bookmark, Websites and More

- 1 - #Updates - Caleb's still teething. - They might be closing our beloved Splash Pad. - I think I need a new logo. - We're going to a carnival tonight. - My brother's birthday is this weekend! - We bought Cupcakes a backpack (25% on Cartwheel!) because - We might be sending her to preschool! - 2 - Dessert of the Week Ice Cream! I should have taken a picture - we haven't purchased ice cream in forever!  (I had a coupon, haha) - 3 - Beautiful Handmade Bookmark As you know … [Read more...]

5 Faves: Electronics in my House

I am doing this post in honor of the hour I spent fixing the problems with my xbox. I turned a Cat in the Hat movie for the kidlets to watch so I could make dinner.  When I came back out, the screen was so dim.  I thought maybe it was the movie because the Cat and the Hat and his little human friends were in the ocean, but it was still weirdly dark.  And then, when the characters moved to an icy surface region, it was still dim. After the kids went to bed, I turned the TV/Xbox back on in hopes … [Read more...]

7QT: Good Friday… Holy Week Takes

- 1 - #Updates My updates have mainly been about the weather.  LOOK!  It got better again: Today is Good Friday.  We keep solemn between 12pm - 3pm in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice for us on the cross.  #NoGreaterLove - 2 - Blog Stuff My goal is to read one blog post that I've pinned to my Bloggy & Social Media pin board per day.  I particularly enjoyed this one: Pinterest Tips - 3 - Great Target Deal of the Week $5 off the normal price of $50! Tootsie Roll is … [Read more...]

7QT: Welcome to Lent, Valentine’s, Video Games & More

- 1 - #Updates My kids are recovering from their colds, but they still have the coughs (story of our lives).  They took it like champs.  Unfortunately, TR is teething again, and it's the worst. What's new with you? - 2 - Welcome to Lent   My #Ashtag I really wish I could have snapped pictures of my kids' before it came off, but you know, kids.  I was so excited to be able to get to Mass this year for ashes.  Though it's not a Holy Day of Obligation, I always want to go. … [Read more...]

7QT: What I’m Watching, Doing and Making

- 1 - Here's What's Up I want these Quick Takes to be better...  Dwij at House Unseen and Jenna at Call Her Happy are making changes to theirs and I noticed that mine could use some sprucing.  I guess I want to talk more about what's going on in my life. - 2 - Screen Time As much as I try to limit screen time (mostly for my littles), it still seems to be a big part of my life.  So here's what we're watching and doing.  Don't judge.  ;-) On Netflix Cupcakes' TV watching is very very … [Read more...]

7QT: Video Games, Halloween, Christmas, Tumblr and More

- 1 - Happy Friday! Halloween is over.  ::Sigh::  Holidays passing has always been hard on me.  Oh well; moving on.. - 2 - Dessert of the Week My kids' candy.  Obviously.  Ha! - 3 - Halloween was a BLAST! Even though it was practically a blizzard here in Chi-Town... did you see our Halloween Photo Dump? - 4 - What Do You Think of Video Games? I wrote a hub called "Why Video Games Can Be Good for Your Kids (From a Mom's Perspective)"  I'd like to know what you think, though! … [Read more...]

Preschool Logic, First Foods, & other Saturday Laughs

5. "I need blonde hair so I can have hair." - #PreSchoolerLogic 4. I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when Cupcakes walked by, "Never come in the kitchen again.  I'm doing something very important."  Geez. 3.  These two are so funny in the morning!  Tootsie Roll gets so excited to see Cupcakes when she strolls on in.  She likes to climb into bed with us and lay there or play with TR or read books on my phone.  Yesterday TR kept reaching out to touch is sister's arm, and she … [Read more...]