7QT: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

- 1 - Happy Friday, Happy Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's Day in a school setting!  Especially with a three year old.  :)  She is bringing My Little Ponies for her friends today.  And seriously, check out what my other teacher, Barbie and I made for our students… I think some of the parents might bring me chocolate and I'm excited!  (Does presuming such things make me a bad person??  Eep!) - 2 - Dessert of the Week Valentine's Day Cupcakes - 3 - iPod Valentines Barbie found … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 6: Almost V-Day Week

This is my gearing-up-for-Valentine's-Day-Week Theme! :) Theme: Valentine's Part 1 Colors: Red and Pink Materials: Zig Zaggy Washi from Target Dollar Spot Red Dots Washi from Ebay Heart and Daisy stickers from Target Fairy and Rose stickers taken from my daughter's Lisa Frank sticker book from Target Dollar Spot The Documented Life Project I was to doodle in the margins; they didn't have to ask me twice! New Stuff This past week, I used my Filofax to keep up with the … [Read more...]

My Proposal Story Part 2

"You talked to my parents?!  What did they say??!"  was the question I asked Hobbs right after I proposed.  Read Part 1 of my Engagement Story HERE. So he started to tell me the story for a second time; I could hardly pay attention the first time because I was being proposed to for the first and only (my goofy husband would interject the word 'ideally' here) time in my life. He went to ask my parents' blessing!  What a stand up guy!  But I already knew that.  :)  I just had no idea he was … [Read more...]

7 Quick Cupcake Takes

-1- Have a Cupcake! Have you had a tough week?  Sit back, relax and enjoy a cupcake; they make everything better.  It's on me.  ;-)  This was my first week back to work in about a year so I would LOVE a cupcake.  Here are 7 Quick Cupcake Takes.  Enjoy.  Can this count as the first one? -2- Little Girls Love Princesses (Or is it princessi?) This is something I've learned as a primary / early childhood teacher.  I have been away for a yearish, but after my first week back to work, I can … [Read more...]

How to Make Heart Crayons for Valentine’s Day

Kids love coloring, but do you know what they love more?  Coloring with fun-shaped crayons that have rainbow colors in them.  I found this awesome tutorial on Pinterest of DIY heart-shaped crayons. And I wanted to try! But I was failing at peeling the wrappers off. So I called Leah.  She is a crayon-wrapper-removing PRO! <-- Do you see how some of those wrappers came off in one big piece?!  She used a knife to get them started and somehow they just came off. Then we cut them up … [Read more...]