Filofax Week 13: Butterflies

Here's the deal: It's been March for 23 days now.  Last week, we reached Meteorological Spring, and while we've had a few Spring-y days, it's still way too chilly and way too snowy for the date.  But my filofax and I are NOT giving up.  This week, I bring you... Theme: Butterflies Colors: Dark & Light Pink, Greenish-Blueish Materials Flower Washi Tape from Target Butterfly Stickers from Target Thin Washi from Ebay The Documented Life Project at Art to the 5th Blog This … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 12: St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Theme: St. Patrick's Day Colors: Green and Yellow Materials Washi Tape from Etsy Thin Washi Tape from Ebay St Patrick Stickers from Michael's Felt Tip Pens from Target The Documented Life Project Our Project from Art to the 5th was to draw or paint or collage a bird.  Here's mine.  I actually really love it.  :) New Stuff My friends are throwing me a Baby Sprinkle this weekend and I'm so excited! This part of the invitation made me tear up: "So … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 3: PENGUINS!

I had such a (surprisingly) difficult time finding penguin stickers!!  Michaels has multiple aisles of stickers and NO penguins (except for a sheet of 4 very Christmas-y ones).  I FINALLY found some semi-Valentines-y ones at Target, but they're a bit bulgy.  :-/  Anyway, I love penguins and I'm very excited for my theme this week... Theme: Penguins Colors: Black and Red Materials: Black Design-y Washi Tape: Target Penguin Stickers: Target Red Snowflake Stickers: Target Thin Washi: … [Read more...]