Real Talk: Teething

I am so tired. Tootsie Roll is getting a whole bunch of teeth including two top molars all at once.  He's normally a great sleeper but he's in so much pain.  I have little to no problem giving him medicine, which helps, but I still sit up with him while we wait for it to kick in. During that time, I usually let him gnaw on a celery which makes his gums feel a little better, but lately he's in so much pain that he won't even try to chew on it. So we watch Netflix together and he lays on … [Read more...]

7QT: Summer Fun, Bookmark, Websites and More

- 1 - #Updates - Caleb's still teething. - They might be closing our beloved Splash Pad. - I think I need a new logo. - We're going to a carnival tonight. - My brother's birthday is this weekend! - We bought Cupcakes a backpack (25% on Cartwheel!) because - We might be sending her to preschool! - 2 - Dessert of the Week Ice Cream! I should have taken a picture - we haven't purchased ice cream in forever!  (I had a coupon, haha) - 3 - Beautiful Handmade Bookmark As you know … [Read more...]

7QT: Welcome to Lent, Valentine’s, Video Games & More

- 1 - #Updates My kids are recovering from their colds, but they still have the coughs (story of our lives).  They took it like champs.  Unfortunately, TR is teething again, and it's the worst. What's new with you? - 2 - Welcome to Lent   My #Ashtag I really wish I could have snapped pictures of my kids' before it came off, but you know, kids.  I was so excited to be able to get to Mass this year for ashes.  Though it's not a Holy Day of Obligation, I always want to go. … [Read more...]

A Rambling Post on Teething and Tylenol

This is going to be a brain-dumpy post.  Fair warning. Tootsie Roll has started teething.  It actually started a few weeks ago.  I'm proud to announce that he has successfully teethed two teeth, his bottoms.  Those first teeth weren't too bad.  He had one or two rough nights, and even those weren't very rough. But now. His top teeth are coming in.  I don't remember Cupcakes' top teeth coming in RIGHT AFTER her bottoms!  As a nursing mom, I was hoping to wait a bit longer for the top teeth. … [Read more...]

How to Make this Sweet (& Healthy) Banana Treat for Toddlers

This was one of the snack ideas I found when writing my post, What and How to Feed a Toddler.  I finally tried it out, gave it to Cupcakes, and she LOVED it!  I was skeptical about how it was going to work, as it's a frozen treat, but it was fine.  Here's how I did it. How to Make a Banana Treat What You'll Need: * A Banana * Yogurt * Healthy Cereal (I used Fruity Cheerios) * Tin Foil * A Zip Lock Bag * A Freezer * Meat Tenderizer Method: Spread a piece of tinfoil out on the … [Read more...]