Bruno Mars Easter Earworm, Mutilated Bunny Cake & other Saturday Laughs

5. A hilarious earworm for you in honor of Easter.  And Bruno Mars. 4. Speaking of Easter, doesn't this make you sad (in a funny way): 3. Messy babies at the dinner table are always hilarious.  And adorable.  Especially this boy: 2. While playing with Shopkins, Cupcakes told me it really bothers her that these two's eyes are "at the bottom of them".  It's so funny the way kids see things! 1. I snapped this picture when Cupcakes got up during the night for a drink of water.  I'm in … [Read more...]

My (and Cupcakes’) 5 Fave Shopkins #5Faves

Alright technically, these are my nine favorite Shopkins, but I'll tell you my *absolute* faves of these nine.  Have you heard of these things?  They're similar to the Crazy Bones of my day, but cuter!  And colorful!  They're apparently all the rage.  Cupcakes' friend told us about them, and now we try to find them at Target and they're always sold out.  My brother gets them for her on eBay.  It's possible he's more into them than she or I!  Are you / your children a collector / … [Read more...]