7QT: Updates, Pinterest Tips, Etsy & More

- 1 - #Updates - Hubby cleaned out the gutters.  YAY! - Tootsie Roll is teething again.  NOT YAY! - We still have to re-register Cupcakes for gymnastics for the summer. - Hubby and I have been sucked back into Candy Crush. - We're thrilled with the nice weather, and have resumed going on walks! - We redeemed $15 more in Target gift cards with the Shopkicks app! - My sister and her new husband are still on their honeymoon. - The kids, my mom, and I are going shopping tomorrow and I … [Read more...]

How I Earn Free Money (Free Gift Cards)

    I know this looks like more than 5 things... bare with me. These are my 5 favorite apps or websites that earn me money or gift cards or save me money at the register.  (These sites / apps have many many gift cards to choose from.  I usually select Target / Amazon / Paypal, but there are so many choices.) If you want to try these out, I would be ever so grateful if you would use my referral links!! With a few of these apps/sites, getting people to sign up with your link … [Read more...]