Taking Matters Into His Own Hands, Thing with Two Wheels & other Saturday Laughs

5. I call this photo, "Taking Matters Into His Own Hands".  Don't ask why the baby had access to the cereal box, but he did and he removed the bag.  Then he attempted to pour some onto the table to eat.  I am in love with this picture.   4. I'm also in love with this picture.  I mainly think it's just so cute!  Little Man is so small compared to his big sister, but that doesn't stop him from causing big destruction.  Here he removed the entire sink! … [Read more...]

Giggling, Lizards, Fohawks and other Saturday Laughs

5. Hobbs gave Cupcakes a bath the other night and I guess some of my hair was on the drain cover (one of my fave pregnancy symptoms is that my hair doesn't shed).  I went in there and heard the whole story… "Mommy, your hair was in my bath!" *** CUPCAKES: My hair! HOBBS: That's Mommy's hair. CUPCAKES: But its blonde! HOBBS: No, it's red. CUPCAKES: OH!  If it's red, then it's Mommy's. 4. Tootsie Roll is borderline giggling now!  And he wakes up cooing!  He's such a happy baby: 3. … [Read more...]

Suckers, Graham Crackers & other Saturday Laughs

Church Laughs 5. Hobbs thought it was funny that Cupcakes was crawling under all the hands of the people sitting behind us when they were kneeling (their hands folded on the back of the pew we were sitting in). 4. "I'm going to listen to the church man." hee hee hee Home Laughs 3. "Don't put it [my sucker] down or my couch will get dirty!" 2. Cupcakes was measuring so I asked, "How big is Daddy's head?"  She replied, "GIANT!" Hospital Laugh 1. There was a kitchenette at the … [Read more...]

Bones, Phones and other Saturday Laughs

5. Aren't kids' pretend phone conversations hilarious??  "Yeah?  Hello.  Kind of.  Kind of.  KIND OF!" P.S. Do you love the contradiction between Cupcakes' shirt and her hair clip??  I do.  :) 4. Sometimes she just picks out random words and decides "That's a silly word."  I never get why.  Sometimes, though, when she's mad for whatever reason, she yells at me with her sternest frown face, "That's NOT a silly word!" I don't get that either. 3. Also, Cupcakes has been saying, "Never mind!" … [Read more...]

Daddy’s Sleeping, Boy or Girl? and other Saturday Laughs

5. In the parking lot at a store: "Don't hit that car with your door!" 4. Sometimes I ask Cupcakes about her baby brother / sister.  This was the most recent conversation: ME: Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl? CUPCAKES: A girl. ME: What if it's a boy? CUPCAKES: It will be a boy.  Soon. HAHA! 3. Cupcakes was laying with me on the couch but then she started trying to push me out of her way aka … [Read more...]