Filofax Week 27: USA!

I LOVE THIS WEEK OF THE YEAR! Theme: USA (and my birthday) Colors: RED WHITE AND BLUE, baby!   Materials America Stickers - Target (Dollar Bin) Washi Tape - Dollar Tree Thin Washi - Ebay Exciting Things This Week Mon: Water Park with kids and their Grandma / Aunt Tue: Meeting with our Lender Wed: Home Inspection, Friend Visit Thr: Fireworks Fri: Parade & More Fireworks Sat: My Birthday The Documented Life [Art to the 5th Blog] Add a crossword puzzle, soduku, … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 17: Baby’s Birth Week!

Ahh this is my last week of work and my last week being pregnant!  I'm scheduled to go in on Thursday to have this baby so unless I go into labor early, that will be his birthday!!  I don't know what to call him on my blog yet… so if you want to weigh in, vote in the poll you see at the right --> Theme: El Babio's Birth Week Colors: Blue Materials Thick Washi Tapes from the Dollar Tree Thin Washi Tape from Ebay Blue Flag Post It from Michaels The Documented Life Project [Art … [Read more...]

My Filofax Week 16: Holy Week and Easter

Welcome to Holy Week! Holy Thursday * Good Friday * Holy Saturday * Easter Sunday I'm going to try to add some prayers to this week.  :) Theme: Holy Week & Easter Colors: Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink Materials: Washi Tape from the Dollar Tree Thin Washi from Ebay Easter Stickers from ???  (I've had them forever!) The Documented Life Project: Art to the 5th Blog for next week: Add a cardboard food box in a creative way. … Last Week ... I really can't believe Easter is … [Read more...]

My Filofax Week 15: Rainbow Dash

Cupcakes loves My Little Ponies and the past week / weekend, we've been trying to find all the McDonald's toys.  Rainbow Dash is my favorite.  <3 Theme: Rainbow Dash Colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Purple Also, Cupcakes gave me all these stickers from her Fluttershy and put them on my hand.  :) She put some on her hand (on her "ups") too: Materials: Heart Washi Tape: Target Dollar Spot Thin Washi Tape: Ebay Stickers: McDonalds (Fluttershy pack) Rainbow Dash: printed from the … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 13: Butterflies

Here's the deal: It's been March for 23 days now.  Last week, we reached Meteorological Spring, and while we've had a few Spring-y days, it's still way too chilly and way too snowy for the date.  But my filofax and I are NOT giving up.  This week, I bring you... Theme: Butterflies Colors: Dark & Light Pink, Greenish-Blueish Materials Flower Washi Tape from Target Butterfly Stickers from Target Thin Washi from Ebay The Documented Life Project at Art to the 5th Blog This … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 9: Fruity

I didn't know what to do this week.  Here's what I ended up with. Theme: Fruity Color: Mostly purple but also every other color. Materials: Washi Tape from Target Scotch Tape from Target Fruit Stickers from Target Skinny Washi from Ebay The Documented Life Project From Art to the 5th Blog - I was supposed to create a flap, but I didn't do that.  I didn't want to add any paper to this week so I kind of just skipped it.  It was a busy week anyway.  Sorry to disappoint.  :) New … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 4: Tropical Escape

Deep Freeze??  What deep freeze??  I'm just going to escape into my beautiful Filofax!  <3 Theme: Tropical Escape Colors: Light Blue and Orange Materials Blue Striped Washi Tape from Dollar Tree Thin Orange Washi Tape from Ebay Tropical Stickers from Michaels (I've had these since making our Honeymoon scrapbook) Prismacolor Pencils for the Palm Tree drawing The Documented Life Project & Zentangle Week 3: Envelope This week I combined my art project with my Zentangle. I … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 2: Chilly

THEME: Chilly COLORS: Blue & White, Green The high for Monday is going to be -5 degrees so I thought this was an appropriate theme. MATERIALS: Washi Tape - Dollar Tree, Ebay, Instagram Chilly and Christmas Stickers - Target Blue Ink for Distressed Edges - Target NEW IDEAS: This past week, I used the back of my "To Do this Week" bookmark to keep track of things I'm grateful for. "10 Things to be Happy About:" 1. My Filofax  2. My Days with Hobbs  3. Cupcakes hanging out in … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 1

THANKS MOM for my first Filofax that I got on Christmas!  I was so excited to open this box.  It's a Black Personal-sized Finsbury. I would love to add my Filofax-ing to my blog because it fits right into the organization aspect of it.  We moms need to keep track of so many things, and for me, my planner helps a whole lot with that!  I keep track of appointments, my work schedule, my blog posts, to do lists, activities, meals, shopping lists, bills, etc etc.  I'm excited to incorporate new … [Read more...]