Filofax Week 12: St. Patrick St. Joseph

Theme: St. Patrick and St. Joseph Colors: Green, Yellow, and Red Green - St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday! ... but did you know ... Red - St. Joseph's Day is Thursday! Materials: Shamrock Washi: HelloWashi on Etsy Red Washi: Michael's Leprechaun Sticker: Michael's The Documented Life Project [Art to the 5th blog] Art Challenge: Borders Journal Prompt: Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind New Stuff I love scrolling Instagram and beholding the beautiful planner pages … [Read more...]

# 5 Faves to Get Your Planner Started

Just in case any of you want to plan like I do, I thought I'd write up this post on my 5 Favorite Things to get started planning.  I also want to promote my new Planner Link Up!  If you have a planner, you should DEFINITELY join in!  I want to provide a place for everyone to share ideas / inspirations! 1. My main planner is my Filofax.  It has my calendar, my events, my menu ideas, my budget, etc... I love how you can customize and set up all your own sections. Filofax 2015 Personal … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 6: Blizzard & Snowmen

Theme: Blizzard & Snowmen Colors: Blue and Green Just like in 2011, right after Cupcakes was born, we had an epic blizzard here just before Groundhog's Day.  Happy Groundhog's Day, by the way.  I'll let you know whether our family groundhog, Victor, saw his shadow or not this morning as soon as my dad texts me.  Anyway, we're going to be digging ourselves out this morning; thankfully, Hobbs doesn't have to be at work until this afternoon. Materials: Transparent Polka Dot Washi: … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 42: Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry

Theme: "Pray, Hope & Don't Worry" - Saint {Padre} Pio Colors: Black & Orange Materials Padre Pio Sticker - From a Catholic stickers pack from my friend Aileen <3 Pumpkin Sticker - too old to guess Ghost & Candy Corn Stickers  - Target Thin Washi - eBay The Documented Life [Art to the 5th blog] Stars!! … Last Week ... In the middle, I wrote down all of our projects and all of the rooms I still have to organize so I could check them off when completed.  We … [Read more...]