How to Add Pin Buttons to Your Sidebar

The reasons for my writing this post are twofold: to share the knowledge with you, and so when I forget how to put this code together, I have a reference.  ::wink face:: Do you see all the pretty pins on my sidebar with the nice 'pin it' button? These are some popular posts, some posts that used to be popular, some seasonally-appropriate posts, or posts I think are worthy.  In having them here, readers can bounce to more posts that might interest them!  Therefore, more traffic for me; … [Read more...]

7QT: Updates, Pinterest Tips, Etsy & More

- 1 - #Updates - Hubby cleaned out the gutters.  YAY! - Tootsie Roll is teething again.  NOT YAY! - We still have to re-register Cupcakes for gymnastics for the summer. - Hubby and I have been sucked back into Candy Crush. - We're thrilled with the nice weather, and have resumed going on walks! - We redeemed $15 more in Target gift cards with the Shopkicks app! - My sister and her new husband are still on their honeymoon. - The kids, my mom, and I are going shopping tomorrow and I … [Read more...]

7QT: Good Friday… Holy Week Takes

- 1 - #Updates My updates have mainly been about the weather.  LOOK!  It got better again: Today is Good Friday.  We keep solemn between 12pm - 3pm in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice for us on the cross.  #NoGreaterLove - 2 - Blog Stuff My goal is to read one blog post that I've pinned to my Bloggy & Social Media pin board per day.  I particularly enjoyed this one: Pinterest Tips - 3 - Great Target Deal of the Week $5 off the normal price of $50! Tootsie Roll is … [Read more...]

Get Good at Pinterest! (BlogHer Post #6)

I learned more about Pinterest at BlogHer than maybe any other social media site.  I want to share all of it with you!!  My number one traffic source is Pinterest, and it's also pretty much amazing, so I'm kind of obsessed with it. Follow these Steps to Step Up Your Pinterest Game! 1. Get Verified on Pinterest I've wanted to do this since I first found out it could be done, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do it.  This time, I was even more determined than ever.  I tried doing what … [Read more...]