First 7QT of 2015

- 1 - Happy Friday! I am all jumbled up... Hopefully now that the holidays are over and I have my new Filofax set up, I will be able to get my days straight again. - 2 - Dessert of the Week For New Year's Eve, we had pizza bagels, pizza rolls, carmel chocolate popcorn, regular popcorn, and ice cream.  ...  Now it's clear why I have a stomach ache... - 3 - My Bullet Journal If you want to see all my December pages, check out my creativity blog on Tumblr. - 4 - InstaLife  – … [Read more...]

My 2013 Blogging Report from WordPress

Thanks to Jenna at Call Her Happy and my Filofax, I FINALLY figured out how to see my advanced statistics and get my annual report!  It was shockingly easy.  Click on the picture to see the Infographic of my Wordpress stats from 2013! [My 2013 Annual Report] … [Read more...]

New Year, New Home & What’s Slowing us Down

So do you all remember when Hobbs, Cupcakes and I were moving out of my parents' house and finding a place of our own?  You helped us choose "Ruby Lane Apartments".  Good times. Well now, we're going to be moving again!  This time, we're hoping to find a house or condo to move into.  I'm so excited about that prospect, but also nervous that something will go wrong.  They raised our rent by a huge amount so this is going to be our last year here.  It wouldn't be so bad except for our student … [Read more...]