Planner Addicts Link Up: Vacation Edition!

My Notebook in Montana! This is from Beartooth Pass... I believe these are the Beartooth Mountains in the background but I could very easily be wrong. Link Up Your Planners!   … [Read more...]

Cupcakes’ Montana Comments and other Saturday Laughs

  5.) I don't know why we buy toys when ziplock bags are so much more entertaining... 4.) Hobbs: "Are you Daddy's Cupcakes?" Cupcakes: "No. I'm Mommy's Cupcakes!!" 3.) Hobbs couldn't fit down the slide and when he told Cupcakes that, she responded, "When you're a little baby again, you can fit down the slide."  Classic. 2.) Cupcakes is able to sit through entire movies now so we do movie nights with some fun ones that we think she'd like.  She actually cracks up at a lot of … [Read more...]