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First 7QT of 2015

- 1 - Happy Friday! I am all jumbled up... Hopefully now that the holidays are over and I have my new Filofax set up, I will be able to get my days straight again. - 2 - Dessert of the Week For New Year's Eve, we had pizza bagels, pizza rolls, carmel chocolate popcorn, regular popcorn, and ice cream.  ...  Now it's clear why I have a stomach ache... - 3 - My Bullet Journal If you want to see all my December pages, check out my creativity blog on Tumblr. - 4 - InstaLife  – … [Read more...]

My Proposal Story Part 2

"You talked to my parents?!  What did they say??!"  was the question I asked Hobbs right after I proposed.  Read Part 1 of my Engagement Story HERE. So he started to tell me the story for a second time; I could hardly pay attention the first time because I was being proposed to for the first and only (my goofy husband would interject the word 'ideally' here) time in my life. He went to ask my parents' blessing!  What a stand up guy!  But I already knew that.  :)  I just had no idea he was … [Read more...]