Siblings, Harry Potter, Telling Time & other Saturday Laughs

5. Remember when Cupcakes was a zombie?  Well two days later, after we had a whole big talk about it, she did it again, but this time it was so much worse…. 4. So we were out to eat a few days later and started talking to her about it.  We said that she can't have so many toys in her bed anymore.  She replied VERY LOUDLY [in the restaurant], "Yeah if I have to get out of bed, I'll just say, 'MOMMY, I HAVE TO PEEEEEEEEEEEE!'"  haha 3. "Tootsie Roll!  Just trust me!" 2. In order to … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 7: Saint Valentine!

Yay Valentine's Week!!  Cupcakes' Valentine's Cards, chocolate, and a date with my hubs!  I'm so excited!! Theme: Valentine's Day <3 Sweet Love <3 Colors: Red, White, Pink Materials: Hearts Washi Tape from Target Dollar Spot Hello Kitty Hearts Washi Tape from Toys R Us Valentine's Stickers from Michaels To Do List Card-stock from Michaels Red and Pink Felt Pens from Target The Documented Life Project This week on the Art to the 5th Project website, the challenge was to be … [Read more...]