Healthy Kid Lunches #1

I started posting pictures of Cupcakes' lunches on Instagram / Twitter with the hashtag #HealthyKidLunches… A while ago, my posts, a combined 100 Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas for Your Toddler was wildly popular.  Since people seemed to like my healthy food ideas and I'm passionate about my kids getting healthy foods anyway, I thought I'd write some similar posts.  And also, I didn't mind the traffic!  Not gonna lie… So here were Cupcakes' healthy lunches from last week.  I threw a #1 in the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Healthy Foods for Every Age

It is a big dilemma considering what foods we should eat and what not to. Mostly people have a consensus over the fact that healthier foods should be included in our everyday diet and normally it is correlated to more money and time. According to economic theory, efficiency is the key – and following is the list of the top healthy foods for every age that you can get started with any time. If you start eating these foods, you can be quite sure that you are having efficient nutrition resulting … [Read more...]