Glow Sticks, Baby Faces, Coke & other Saturday Laughs

5. Tootsie Roll LOVED the big glow sticks from Auntie Jenn's wedding.  He walked all over the place just swinging them around.  Cupcakes likes them too.  They're even fun when the glow runs out.  What a great wedding! 4. This was the afternoon before my sister's Rehearsal.  We got lunch at Macy's and Jenn treated Cupcakes to some kind of strawberry drink with a chocolate straw. 3. This face. 2. My sister HATES coke.  All pop, really... but she ordered one for me to have in her car on … [Read more...]

Baby Proposals!! and other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes' Godparents got her a Christmas gift, which included this adorable knit Cupcake hat:   She loved it so much that she insisted on sleeping in it and then the next morning she told me all about how great it was to have slept in it.  Ha! 4. Tootsie Roll proposed to my future daughter-in-law this past week.  He gave her this lovely light up ring for a Christmas present.  Also, he's able to sit on his own now (for a few seconds)! 3. Cupcakes thought it was … [Read more...]

Cupcakes’ Boyfriend(s) & other Saturday Laughs

5. Have I ever told you about Cupcakes' [imaginary] boyfriend??  His name is "Bless You".  She's been talking about him for a while now, but recently, there's been a new development.  She started talking about "Gobble", her new boyfriend.  Apparently Bless You "got dead"!  I was really sad because from what Cupcakes told me, Bless You treated her better than Gobble.  Luckily, he somehow came back to life, and they're back together again.  I don't know what happened to Gobble.  SMH... 4. One … [Read more...]

Giggling, Lizards, Fohawks and other Saturday Laughs

5. Hobbs gave Cupcakes a bath the other night and I guess some of my hair was on the drain cover (one of my fave pregnancy symptoms is that my hair doesn't shed).  I went in there and heard the whole story… "Mommy, your hair was in my bath!" *** CUPCAKES: My hair! HOBBS: That's Mommy's hair. CUPCAKES: But its blonde! HOBBS: No, it's red. CUPCAKES: OH!  If it's red, then it's Mommy's. 4. Tootsie Roll is borderline giggling now!  And he wakes up cooing!  He's such a happy baby: 3. … [Read more...]

Christmas Songs, Meat Snacks, Caribbean & other Saturday Laughs

5. One of my students offered me some pretend fruit snacks the other day and I happily accepted (I love fruit snacks).  Then, he casually mentioned that they were meat fruit snacks as if that was a completely regular flavor for fruit snacks.  I don't think I like meat-flavored fruit snacks… I guess pretend ones are ok. 4. I'm getting bigger and bigger in the belly area due to you know… pregnancy.  Cupcakes thinks this is pretty funny and seems to understand there's a baby in there.  She likes … [Read more...]