Tootsie Roll’s First Foods!

I've been so excited for this moment, and now it's here!  His first food was pears!  I mashed up an actual pear, and I think he liked it?  During the first feedings, he didn't really know to open his mouth and not spit everything out, and he was also constantly trying to grab the spoon.  He's getting a lot better even though he just started a short time ago!. … [Read more...]

Preschool Logic, First Foods, & other Saturday Laughs

5. "I need blonde hair so I can have hair." - #PreSchoolerLogic 4. I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when Cupcakes walked by, "Never come in the kitchen again.  I'm doing something very important."  Geez. 3.  These two are so funny in the morning!  Tootsie Roll gets so excited to see Cupcakes when she strolls on in.  She likes to climb into bed with us and lay there or play with TR or read books on my phone.  Yesterday TR kept reaching out to touch is sister's arm, and she … [Read more...]