Filofax Week 50: Christmas is Coming

Theme: Christmas is Coming (2nd Week of Advent) Colors: Red, Green & Blue Materials: Reindeer Washi: Hobby Lobby Red & Green Washi: Target Christmas Stickers: Michaels The Documented Life Project: [Art to the 5th Blog] You'll find my handprint from last week's challenge in the next section.  I used Cupcakes' hand because she turned 4 last week.  :)  I have a four year old... woah! This week's challenge: Pick a Fantasy Vacation Spot and Write a Packing List.  Money is NO … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 33: I’m Going to Need Some Chocolate

Theme: I'm Gonna Need Some Chocolate (Back to Work (from Maternity Leave) this Week) Colors: Pink, Green, Purple Materials: Chocolate Stickers: Michaels? I let Cupcakes place my stickers this week.  She did not hesitate or think much about where they were going to go so BOOM, lol.  But that's ok.  This week I want to see the crazy placement of chocolate stickers and get a smile on my face and think of her and all her cuteness. Another great thing about these stickers?  THEY ACTUALLY SMELL … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 27: USA!

I LOVE THIS WEEK OF THE YEAR! Theme: USA (and my birthday) Colors: RED WHITE AND BLUE, baby!   Materials America Stickers - Target (Dollar Bin) Washi Tape - Dollar Tree Thin Washi - Ebay Exciting Things This Week Mon: Water Park with kids and their Grandma / Aunt Tue: Meeting with our Lender Wed: Home Inspection, Friend Visit Thr: Fireworks Fri: Parade & More Fireworks Sat: My Birthday The Documented Life [Art to the 5th Blog] Add a crossword puzzle, soduku, … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 23: Mushrooms and Strawberries & Week 24 Baptism

Theme: Mushrooms and Strawberries Colors: Red, Pink, Blue, Green Theme: Tootsie Roll's Baptism Colors: Blue & Silver Materials: Washi Tape: Dollar Tree & Toys R Us Thin Washi Tape: Ebay Mario Stickers: Target Star Stickers: Target Strawberry Queen Paper: Too Cool (Japanese Import Store) The Documented Life Project [Art to the 5th Blog] I am supposed to use book pages or text paper.  Fun, but where am I going to find some…? New Stuff Cupcakes was putting washi tape … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 9: Fruity

I didn't know what to do this week.  Here's what I ended up with. Theme: Fruity Color: Mostly purple but also every other color. Materials: Washi Tape from Target Scotch Tape from Target Fruit Stickers from Target Skinny Washi from Ebay The Documented Life Project From Art to the 5th Blog - I was supposed to create a flap, but I didn't do that.  I didn't want to add any paper to this week so I kind of just skipped it.  It was a busy week anyway.  Sorry to disappoint.  :) New … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 7: Saint Valentine!

Yay Valentine's Week!!  Cupcakes' Valentine's Cards, chocolate, and a date with my hubs!  I'm so excited!! Theme: Valentine's Day <3 Sweet Love <3 Colors: Red, White, Pink Materials: Hearts Washi Tape from Target Dollar Spot Hello Kitty Hearts Washi Tape from Toys R Us Valentine's Stickers from Michaels To Do List Card-stock from Michaels Red and Pink Felt Pens from Target The Documented Life Project This week on the Art to the 5th Project website, the challenge was to be … [Read more...]

7QT: New Stuff, Winter Activities, Preg Update & More

- 1 - Happy Friday! We're officially 'back in the swing'.  Welcome to the swing… how has your week been?  It was actually a bit warmer this week, but from what I hear, it's going to get frigid again.  I want to be in the tropics. - 2 - Dessert of the Week I had a bad night one night this past week (I think it was Tuesday).  What is YOUR go-to cheer up activity?  Mine's eating.  Sweet things.  So Cupcakes and I made cookies.  Valentine's cookies.  I know it's VERY early for that, but … [Read more...]

Filofax Week 1

THANKS MOM for my first Filofax that I got on Christmas!  I was so excited to open this box.  It's a Black Personal-sized Finsbury. I would love to add my Filofax-ing to my blog because it fits right into the organization aspect of it.  We moms need to keep track of so many things, and for me, my planner helps a whole lot with that!  I keep track of appointments, my work schedule, my blog posts, to do lists, activities, meals, shopping lists, bills, etc etc.  I'm excited to incorporate new … [Read more...]