Happy Valentine’s Day! Some Laughs

5. CUPCAKES: "Are you tired?" ME: "Yes" (always) CUPCAKES: "Well that's no good." You said it, kid. 4. So seriously, "My husband is at work.  He's stuck in traffic.  I have to go help him." I think she hears that people are stuck in traffic all the time, but I am pretty sure she has no idea what it means. 3. We met a dog that was like a cloud.  I picked him up; he seriously weight nothing.  And he looked like a little cloud scurrying around with two black eyes and a black nose. … [Read more...]

Cutest Face, Teachers, Floss & other Saturday Laughs

5. Last night, Cupcakes was dragging a thing of dental floss all around our apartment saying, "Come here, Doggie."  She keeps telling us she wants a doggie from Santa, but it seems to me that this dental floss is doing just fine.  Maybe I'll call Santa and have him just send some more dental floss... 4. Will you still love it [the baby] if it's a brother? "No..." Well I hope she was just kidding because... 3. I was complaining about having to be "the bad guy" and my husband said, "well … [Read more...]