5 Faves: Food Pins I’ve Actually Done

I really like Jenna's 5 Faves link party on Wednesdays because it really gets me thinking and writing on a more personal level, both of which make me a happy blogger. The thing about getting my brain juices flowing and my mind thinking is that it doesn't really work when I'm exhausted.  And since I'm new to the 5 Faves, I was hoping you would forgive me if I write a post just this once that's not too brain-y, and think-y.  Starting after this post, I will brainstorm these new Wednesday … [Read more...]

Copycat Recipe: Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars

One day, I met my husband and our kids at Starbucks.  I can't remember where I was or why we were separated in the first place, but when I found them at the table, Hobbs had a surprise for me.  I am not a coffee drinker so I don't often go there, and therefore am not familiar with the menu. What he had there on the table for me was a Cranberry Bliss Bar.  I'm wasn't super into cranberries (except at Thanksgiving) so I was skeptical.  But oh. my. gosh.  It was absolutely amazing!  So amazing … [Read more...]