7QT: Delicious-ness, Gymnastics & my New E-mail

- 1 - Happy Friday! We have a fun day planned for today: a mall play date and then a library play date.  Fun times!  Do you have any play dates on the horizon? - 2 - Dessert of the Week Yummy Warm Apple Crisp.  It's easy and so much fun to make! Try it and serve with Vanilla Ice Cream. - 3 - Gymnastics I've been wanting to get Cupcakes into Gymnastics for over a year and we finally did it!  A friend of mine has a daughter who is the same age and since we live in the same town … [Read more...]

My 2013 Blogging Report from WordPress

Thanks to Jenna at Call Her Happy and my Filofax, I FINALLY figured out how to see my advanced statistics and get my annual report!  It was shockingly easy.  Click on the picture to see the Infographic of my Wordpress stats from 2013! [My 2013 Annual Report] … [Read more...]

The Three Things I LOVED About BlogHer13 (BlogHer Post #3)

There were THREE things about BlogHer that I absolutely LOVED!  Well, three and a half: 1.) Meeting my online friends and Networking! I am so shy, but I was determined to meet people at this amazing conference.  I was so lucky because I actually knew someone who was going - one of my #CathSorority friends, Jenna from Call Her Happy!  Knowing that there was someone who has a ton in common with me and who talks to me all the time in this group AND who once sent me glitter eyeliner was extremely … [Read more...]

I <3 My Blog {Hop}

and I just want to shout it from the Internet-tops! And why shouldn't we??  We put so much effort into our blogs; we pour our hearts and souls into our little computer screens; we get personal; we help each other.  How much time do you spend coming up with ideas and beautifying your blog?? There's no reason we shouldn't be proud of them and share our best writing! Come every Monday and link up your favorite post that you wrote this past week. Party Etiquette Required: Link up your best … [Read more...]