Baby Led Weaning, Motorcycle Babes & other Saturday Laughs

5. Go home, baby… you're drunk.   4. She likes to force her love on him… while he struggles to get away.  Classic brother behavior.   3. So glad they have these things at the mall so I could snap this photo:   2. Accidental Baby Led Weaning… mmm peas!   1. I only let Cupcakes have one banana per day so when she goes in the kitchen and sees one, she always gets excited and tells her daddy, "I'm going to go tell mommy if I've had a banana … [Read more...]

Exciting Announcement

Secret's out...   Introducing.... little "Nougat".  You can't really see the head in this ultrasound picture but we got to see it during the ultrasound.  We also got to see a little flickering heartbeat, which was amazing!  :) Cupcakes is excited! So far I'm feeling very tired, hungry and nauseated.  Oh and woozy / dizzy at times.  I'm thanking God that I'm able to sit when I need to at my job.  That really helps.  I love being pregnant so I am very excited.  It's mainly just … [Read more...]