Saturday Laughs from Detroit!

5. Cupcakes in a giant hotdog, among condiments.  Actually, I think she's the hot dog in the bun... #NomNomNom 4. Lunch! 3. Family Photo in front of the Wiener Mobile! 2. Fun on a circle swing. 1. Feeding sheep with Cupcakes   Linking up these Saturday Laughs with The Mommyhood Chronicles! … [Read more...]

7QT: About Detroit from our Vacation

We Went on Vacation to my Dad's Hometown of Detroit, Home of my Favorite Sports Team So I did my nails all special.  :) - 1 - The 5 Hour Drive Wasn't So Bad The key is to be prepared.  I squished in the back between the carseats, my dad drove, and my husband sat up in the passenger seat.  It was tight, but I think my kids felt better having me right there, and there wasn't room for me anywhere else anyway.  I gave both of them a goodie bag with special surprises including books, … [Read more...]