7QT: Freezing Cold & Banana Bread

- 1 - Happy Friday Is it back to the grind for you too? - 2 - Dessert of the Week This is more of a breakfast / snack of the week… BANANA bread! I have a really simple recipe (just 6 ingredients), but this time I made LOAF banana bread instead of muffins.  Still delish.  If you read the next two takes, you'll see that we had to do everything we could to stay warm, so all day Monday we baked and cooked things in the oven. - 3 - Main Headline of the Week It's been absolutely … [Read more...]

Easy Banana Bread Muffins

I love Banana bread and my little Cupcakes loves helping me make it!  I've told you about our fun times making banana bread before.  :)  For some reason, though, I haven't shared this recipe yet.  I hope you love it!!  These are ingredients I always just have in my kitchen, but sometimes I do have to wait for the bananas to ripen.  I like that I can just make these whenever I feel like it and I love how easy they are.  :) Ingredients: 1 Stick of Butter (8 Tablespoons) 1 Cup of Sugar … [Read more...]