Awesome Baked Mac n Cheese Recipe Inspired by Martha Stewart

I found an awesome new mac 'n cheese recipe on Pinterest!  I'm a huge mac 'n cheese fan, and I love finding new different ways to make it.  Even small changes in mac 'n cheese recipes can make for great new ways to serve it up to your family!  Here's a great baked mac 'n cheese recipe inspired by the one-and-only Martha Stewart!  I've made it a bit easier than the original recipe... because I like easy recipes.   Ingredients BAKED: - Cooking spray - Casserole Dish - Box of Penne … [Read more...]

An All American Meal #4thofJuly Baked Mac ‘n Cheese

OK I know I'm almost a month late putting this up, but its still summer and we still live in America.  Well I do.  You all don't necessarily live here, but you can still enjoy this recipe!!  It's inspired by a recipe from  My mom tweaked it a bit. Baked Mac 'n Cheese Ingredients: Box of Elbow Macaroni (I prefer Creamettes) 4oz Shredded Cheese 8T Butter 6T Flour 3C Milk 2C Panko Bread Crumbs (alternatively, other bread crumbs or crumbly potato chips) Pepper 9 Slices of … [Read more...]