7QT: My Sister’s Wedding, The Best Foods, Feminist Rant & More

- 1 - #Updates I survived all the things!  I had a great time at Jenn's bachelorette party and of course her wedding! You might notice my feet... the *only* complaint I have about my sister's wonderful day were those awful, awful heels (I don't wear heels... ever, but had to wear 3-4-inchers for the wedding).  Haha, don't worry: I was a giant baby about it! - 2 - The Best Foods of My LIFE! There are a lot of pictures / shots that I would have liked to have gotten at my sister's … [Read more...]

Dear Marvel & Jurassic World Toy Companies, Hubs and I are Mad at You

WARNING: Contains **Spoilers** Dear Marvel Toy Maker, We found a set of Avengers toys at Target and this conversation happened: HOBBS: We should get this set for Cupcakes and TR for Christmas! ME: Oh yeah we should!  How awesome! ME: Hey... where's Black Widow?? [granted, I'm no Scarlett Johansson fan and I'm also not a fan of the name Black Widow but nothing I can do about either of those things.] HOBBS: Well there's no Hawkeye either. ME: YES there is!  Look!  Where the eff is Black … [Read more...]