My 5 Favorite Things to Do When Hobbs is Off

As August starts to come to a close, I'm making sure that we're making the most of the end of our summer!  All too soon, we're going to have to start wearing winter coats and scraping the snow and ice off our windshields.  Now is the time to be out 'n about! Here are my 5 Favorite things to do when my husband, Hobbs is off work. Shopping - Especially Outdoor Malls: We don't have to spend any a lot of money.  We just go to walk around and window shop.  And we love to get lunch.  It's a … [Read more...]

5 Faves: Electronics in my House

I am doing this post in honor of the hour I spent fixing the problems with my xbox. I turned a Cat in the Hat movie for the kidlets to watch so I could make dinner.  When I came back out, the screen was so dim.  I thought maybe it was the movie because the Cat and the Hat and his little human friends were in the ocean, but it was still weirdly dark.  And then, when the characters moved to an icy surface region, it was still dim. After the kids went to bed, I turned the TV/Xbox back on in hopes … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Things about Weddings

My only sister Jenn is getting married THIS SATURDAY!  I am so excited!  So excited in fact, and so pre-occupied that it wasn't until right now, right this very moment, that I realized it is Wednesday night.  I sat down to do this blog post thinking tomorrow was Wednesday so I can do my #5Faves post.  Nope - tomorrow is Thursday. Oh well... here are my 5 Faves, Thursday Edition. Do you like this photo bomb by TR and I?  Pretty obvious, eh?  I was helping... 5 Favorites about Weddings 1. … [Read more...]