My Planner Week 11: Owl

Theme: Owl Color: Black I guess (This new BuJo is kind of weird) Fun Fact: I'm afraid of owls.  So I was happy to cover this guy up for my week on two pages. Materials: Full Sticky Back Post-Its - Office Max? Spring Stickers - Target Dollar Spot Share YOUR Planner!! … [Read more...]

Sleepy Toddler, Peg People, Flamingo Friends, & Other Saturday Laughs

5. TR has discovered that he can somehow reach his light switch so naturally, he turns it on after we put him to bed.  I kind of like it because we have to turn the light off when we go to bed and I get to see him sleeping which is supa cute. 4. We painted Peg People and they turned out really well.  TR only put a few paint smudges on his; he mainly just wanted to paint all over the paper. 3. Cupcakes' teacher is really impressed by the detail she puts in her sentences. I LOVE this … [Read more...]

13 Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Routine in a Tasty Way

Picture Source: Creative Commons I am a really picky eater and would much rather eat sugary treats than vegetables and even fruits.  However, I am trying to incorporate more healthy food into my diet.  I do enjoy many fruits and vegetables, but desserts are so much better and therein lies my problem.  So I've been looking into tastier options.  Here are 13 that I have found: ** Disclaimer: I have NOT tried these yet so I will update this post as I experiment. ** *** 2nd Disclaimer: I am … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 10: Paisleys (New BuJo)

Theme: Paisleys Colors: Green and Yellow New BuJo! Art Therapy  An Inspiration Notebook purchased at Barnes and Noble … [Read more...]

Crazy Hair Day, Teeth, Valentine’s Day and Other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes stopped in the middle of the zoo and sat down to work on wiggling her tooth! 4. Here's yours truly being hilarious using a Facebook filter. 3. Cupcakes didn't like the flash I had to use for this night time car photo.  They're showing you their Sweettarts from Valentine's Day. 2. Chocolate Face 1. We had a GREAT time doing Crazy Hair Day!!  :D Linking my Saturday Laughs with The Mommyhood Chronicles. … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 8: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Theme: Happy Valentine's Day Colors: Red and Pink Materials: Valentine Stickers - Target Dollar Spot Heart Washi: Michael's New Stuff A special tribute for Valentine's Day. This was part of my #DoodleADayFeb and #FebruaryLetteringLove challenges on Instagram … [Read more...]

My Most Perfect Coupon Experience

I got a coupon in the mail from JC Penney's.  It was of my favorite type: "Get $10 Off Your Purchase of $10 or More".  Sometimes I get these from Kohl's and Victoria's Secret as well. My goal is always to spend as little real money as possible, thereby maximizing my coupon.  I usually end up having to spend between $1.00 - $5.00 because usually things are priced like $4.99 and then there's also tax. This time, however, each of the pictured shirts was $5.  When I got to the counter, I didn't … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 7: Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Theme: Valentine's Day Color: Red Materials: Hello Kitty Washi: Toys R Us Drawing & Pokemon Tracker Cupcakes told me it's the Octonauts SHIP, not lab.  lol Share YOUR Planner! … [Read more...]

Donuts, Tantrums, Filters, & Other Saturday Laughs

5. Do kids love anything more than they love donuts? 4. This was a picture I snapped during an epic tantrum when I was trying to run errands with TR by myself.  The first store we went to wasn't open yet so we had to leave and go to the next place.  Here he is crying because he wanted out of the car: 3. This is him a few minutes later, happy as a clam: 2. Do adults love anything more than Snapchat filters?! 1. Here's a picture of TR warming up his cars on a heating vent. Linking up … [Read more...]

I Don’t Know What To Do About This Thumb!

Thumb-suckers!  Am I right?!  I myself sucked my thumb until I was six. For me, it was peer pressure that got me to stop.  I remember the kids making fun of me in my ballet class because I was sucking my thumb.  My teacher even chimed in saying I was too old for that.  I was so embarrassed.  So I made the choice to force myself to stop.  I decided to go to bed with a puppet on my hand and I did it.  I am 31 years old and I still remember how hard it was to stop. Now my daughter Cupcakes is six … [Read more...]