My Planner Week 8: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Theme: Happy Valentine's Day Colors: Red and Pink Materials: Valentine Stickers - Target Dollar Spot Heart Washi: Michael's New Stuff A special tribute for Valentine's Day. This was part of my #DoodleADayFeb and #FebruaryLetteringLove challenges on Instagram … [Read more...]

My Most Perfect Coupon Experience

I got a coupon in the mail from JC Penney's.  It was of my favorite type: "Get $10 Off Your Purchase of $10 or More".  Sometimes I get these from Kohl's and Victoria's Secret as well. My goal is always to spend as little real money as possible, thereby maximizing my coupon.  I usually end up having to spend between $1.00 - $5.00 because usually things are priced like $4.99 and then there's also tax. This time, however, each of the pictured shirts was $5.  When I got to the counter, I didn't … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 7: Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Theme: Valentine's Day Color: Red Materials: Hello Kitty Washi: Toys R Us Drawing & Pokemon Tracker Cupcakes told me it's the Octonauts SHIP, not lab.  lol Share YOUR Planner! … [Read more...]

Donuts, Tantrums, Filters, & Other Saturday Laughs

5. Do kids love anything more than they love donuts? 4. This was a picture I snapped during an epic tantrum when I was trying to run errands with TR by myself.  The first store we went to wasn't open yet so we had to leave and go to the next place.  Here he is crying because he wanted out of the car: 3. This is him a few minutes later, happy as a clam: 2. Do adults love anything more than Snapchat filters?! 1. Here's a picture of TR warming up his cars on a heating vent. Linking up … [Read more...]

I Don’t Know What To Do About This Thumb!

Thumb-suckers!  Am I right?!  I myself sucked my thumb until I was six. For me, it was peer pressure that got me to stop.  I remember the kids making fun of me in my ballet class because I was sucking my thumb.  My teacher even chimed in saying I was too old for that.  I was so embarrassed.  So I made the choice to force myself to stop.  I decided to go to bed with a puppet on my hand and I did it.  I am 31 years old and I still remember how hard it was to stop. Now my daughter Cupcakes is six … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 5: February Red Zigzags

Theme: Red Zigzags Color: Pink Materials: Zigzag Washi Tape: Michael's Valentine Stickers: Target Dollar Spot February Calendar: And Habit Tracker February Challenges Share Your Planner! … [Read more...]

Crazy Dress, Fun with Ads, Goofballs, & other Saturday Laughs

5. Playing Dress Up 4. When you have to carry all of the cars so the other kids at the library can't get them... 3. I'm not kidding... TR loves this pamphlet/ad more than the actual toy.  He looks through it all the time! 2. Goof balls in the car! 1. I love this picture of the two littles brushing their teeth! Linking up my Saturday Laughs with Mel at The Mommyhood Chronicles! … [Read more...]

My Planner Week 4: A Mermaid!

Theme: Mermaid (for happiness) Color: Light Blue Materials: Washi Tape: Target Pink Post It (full adhesive): Office Max Pens: Papermate Flairs Sparkly Gel Pens Mermaid: From THIS PIN of doodles. I love the doodles I find on Pinterest and Instagram!!  They are so inspiring. Word for the Year: Doodle Challenges: This is my favorite so far, or one of my favorites from the year: Show me YOUR planner! Did you get a new one for 2017?? … [Read more...]

10 Ways I Save on Natural Organic Products

If you’re like me and want to stay healthy, you’re probably avoiding the processed foods with a list of 30 ingredients. How do you pronounce half of the ingredients anyways? While the price tags on organic products can look expensive at first, there are some ways to save a few dollars to make your budget (and body) happy. Listed below are 10 strategies I have used in the past that allowed me to purchase many natural organic products for less than the asking price. #1 Learn to … [Read more...]

Coupons for Good: Gifts for Teachers

Of all the people on your holiday gift list, few are more deserving of recognition than teachers. Teaching is one of the most important jobs a person can have, and often it’s one of the toughest. Teachers are magicians, keeping kids engaged and learning while making the most of limited resources. Here are four gift ideas to show the teachers on your list just how much you appreciate them. School Supplies Did you know that teachers spent an average of $500 of their own money on school supplies … [Read more...]