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I Custom-Make Buttons!
Do you want more traffic to your blog?  You need a button!  If you don’t want to make it yourself, I’d be happy to make you a cute, affordable button with a scroll box so others can grab it!  I can make a cute background, add text and frames.  I can also work with photos or clip art you already have (graphics from your blog, for instance).  If you’d like something hand-drawn and scanned in, let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll see what I can do.  :)

Button Gallery:

1                                     2                                      3                                4
 5                                    6                                    7                                 8
9                                     10                                   11                                    12
13                                          14                                    15                                      16
17                              18                             19                             20

Buttons I’ve Made So Far:
1. My Button
2. The Southern Mommy Chronicles
3. Life Unexpected: Adventures of a SAHM
4. Life Unexpected: Adventures of a SAHM
5. My NEW Button
6. Buckeye Storms
7. Daddy Knows Less
8. Daddy Knows Less
9. Blogs Against Bullying for Sippy Cup Chronicles
10. Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs Blog Hop for The Mommyhood Chronicles
11. Favorite Thing Friday Blog Hop for Sippy Cup Chronicles
12. Favorite Thing Friday Blog Hop for Sippy Cup Chronicles
13. Daddy Dirty Diapers
14. Our Girls Keep us Moving
15. Our Girls Keep us Moving
16. HEADER for Our Girls Keep us Moving
17. Unwinding With Amy J
18. Dreams Come True Shop
19. Dreams Come True Shop
20. Sweet Serendipity

{As you can see, I provide more than one button – usually 4 or 5 – so the customer can choose which one is best.  I am displaying some of the ones I really liked.)

Lacey from The Southern Mommy Chronicles said, “She [Jamie at Loving Life] took elements from my blog and made me something totally unique, nothing generic like I’ve seen some buttons!”  Read the rest of her Review HERE!

Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles said, “I am def going to take you up on your offer to make the blog button in the future once I have done it for a few weeks. Your cost is fantastic!”

After I did Melissa’s button, she said, “You did awesome… :) You rock. I love seeing your button on other blogs”

“I love them all so I’m glad I had you choose!  You Rock!” – @DCTshop at

[These nice people wrote me a testimonial on their own and of their own free will (thanks ladies!).  If I made YOU a button and you’d like to write a testimonial for me, I’d be more than happy to add it to this page and super grateful!  Just shoot me an e-mail for_love_of_cupcakes {at} yahoo {dot} com.]

Really Affordable!
Buttons cost $8 which includes a scroll box for you (those are a pain in the bottom!).  I will send you the button as a jpg file and the html code for the scroll box.

Scroll boxes allow other people to grab your button and put it on their blogs.  If you’d rather do it yourself, here’s a tutorial on how to do it:  Here’s How to Add Your Own Button & Scroll Box

I love making buttons and I want you to be happy with yours!  If you decide you want me to be the one to make your button, I would be so excited and work with you until you’re happy with it!  I can draw it by hand or make one digitally – whatever you prefer.  You can describe what you want, give me some ideas or just see what I come up with… it’s all up to you.

NEW: I now make headers as well!  A lot more goes into these and they are time consuming so I decided that $12 was a fair price.

I accept paypal and reserve the right to change my prices some day.

E-mail me at for_love_of_cupcakes {at} yahoo {dot} com.

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