How to Make Baby Food

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6-12 Months:

All the solid baby food that I talk about here is in addition to (not instead of) the breastmilk that I feed Cupcakes.  I am happy to say that I reached my 6 month BFing goal and we’re still going strong.  I have no plans to stop as of now and 1 year is my next milestone goal.  :o)

I pretty much such at cooking, BUT I am trying to make some baby food for my Little One.  You know, like a Professional Mommy.  ;o)

I guess the main reason I want to do this is to save money.  But I also think it will be fun and healthier for my baby than the jar food (I could be wrong about that though – I got some Nature Select Gerber Prunes and reading the ingredients, couldn’t really find anything wrong with them…)  And since I stay at home, why not?

Here’s what I used:

A small pot or two, a steamer basket ($6 Target), a fork (I didn’t use a food processor or blender), ice cube trays (2 for $1 Target), and freezer bags (for storage).  PLUS frozen (well I used frozen) food – veggies / fruits ($1 Target).

I also used the enormous knowledge of MommaM who is Oh So Helpful (and Crafty). is also an excellent resource and it’s where I find all my recipes that I modify slightly by just using a fork instead of a blender.

To Thaw:
[I want to make sure you know that, again, I got this information from MommaM.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.]

I got some bowls with lids (ziplock).  I take one cube out of the freezer the night before, put it in the bowl and then put the bowl (capped) in the fridge.  Then, when it’s time to feed her – dinner time – I add a tiny bit of nursery water and zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds.  

At 6.5 months, Cupcake has started to eat Puffs!  I cut them in half first because the container says she should be crawling with her tummy off the floor before it’s time for Puffs and she’s not crawling yet.  I don’t want her to choke.  They dissolve really quick though – I tested a half.  It’s really exciting because she’s learning how to do the “pincher grasp” and she LOVES them (when she can get them into her mouth).  I didn’t know they made Apple and Strawberry!  I’m going to have to buy more now!

Yogurt Melts!
We started giving her these soon after the Puffs… around 7 months.  She loves these even more than Puffs and if given the choice, she’ll choose them every time even though they make her do the shudder face!  There’s a lot more flavor to these little guys than to the relatively plain-tasting Puffs.


Mum Mums!
At 7.5 Months, we started giving her Mum Mums!  I love these because we can give them to her while we’re eating and she can pretty much feed herself.  :o)  However, they are MESSY!  Right on the front of the box, it says “no mess”… that is a lie so be prepared.  It’s alright though, they dissolve pretty quickly (not as quickly as puffs) and she LOVES them!

Some Links for Your Face:

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MommaM – Home For Three blog – Really helpful!

Our Solids Plan:
[Our Solids Plan was developed through reading different opinions on The Bump and talking to our pediatrician.  You can come up with your own plan; there is some flexibility.]

1.) Rice Cereal, then Oatmeal (not allergic to either… seems to prefer Oatmeal)
2.) Green Veggies: Peas, Green Beans … 

3.) Yellow Veggies: Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Butternut Squash … 
4.) Fruits
[5.) Meats & Mixes but that’s not til at least 8 months]

12-24 Months:
How and What to Feed a Toddler

 Tips on Getting a Toddler to Eat (an article)

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