All the Babies, Sunglasses Swiper & other Saturday Laughs

5. Tootsie Roll stood up using his walkie toy and then practically raced across the room with it.  You can tell by the adorable sounds he's making that he was QUITE proud of himself! Unfortunately, Instagram won't let me embed the video (grr), so if you want to see it you'll have to click this link: Baby Runs Across Room!  Sorry.  But I promise it's worth it! 4. This picture is funny because we were trying so hard to take a family zoo picture... which is tricky when you have to do it … [Read more...]

7QT: Halloween Baby & other Halloween Stuff

- 1 - Happy Friday! It's been a pretty fun week.  Our little family went to the pumpkin patch, we did more organizing and cleaning… last weekend we had our awesome Stock the Bar Party and it was a great time. Happy Half Birthday to Tootsie Roll! - 2 - Dessert of the Week Halloween Marshmallow Fluff with Gummy Worms and Oreos!  a sponsored post from TruMoo - It's NO BAKE!  Check it out! - 3 - Pumpkin Patch I want to show you all about it, but I kind of think that should be its … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding, Old Fries, Rain Forests & other Saturday Laughs

5. One of my CathSorority friends posted this the other day and it cracked me up:  4. I got out Cupcakes' old Rainforest Play Mat for Tootsie Roll to play on, and -as I knew she would- Cupcakes joined right in.  She loved it and I think Tootsie Roll really liked it too!  He was looking around at everything and I think maybe smiling a little bit.  Cupcakes was all over the place.  3. This.  With her hands on her cheeks.  It happens when she gets excited and tells me something in a hushed … [Read more...]

7QT: Choosing Happiness, Coupons & Preggos

- 1 - Happy Friday! It's been quite an eventful week - in a bad way.  So I'm thrilled for Friday!  And although I'm nervous about the whole birth-giving thing and breastfeeding thing, I am psyched about maternity leave!  Woohoo!  :) - 2 - Dessert of the Week Birthday cake for my lovely husband. - 3 - Pajama Day at Work! Who doesn't love a good Pajama Day?!  I love 'em!  The kids all look so cute and get so excited about coming to school in their jammies.  I'm also stoked because … [Read more...]

Dressing Projects and other Saturday Laughs

Funny Preschool Quote of the Week 5.) "There's a baby in my tummy named Molly.  She's just playing with rubber duckies in there." - M  I love some of the things 3-year-olds say!  SO classic!!  I have to make a better effort to write them all down! Hilarious Coworkers 4.) I love my coworkers at my new job.  They're pretty much amazing.  I see one of them, Miss Marnie, more than all the others because she's the other preschool teacher and our classes often do things together.  She cracks me … [Read more...]

Favorite Prayers and Quotes

Favorite Prayers Prince of Peace by Akiane KramirekShroud of Turin - Jesus's FaceThis picture of Our Lady was drawn by a mystic in Italy.  Her hand was guided by Our Lady.There is a special blessing given each day to the person who carries it and another blessing given each time one looks at it with love.A letter written by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the City of Messina where St. Paul, the Apostle preached the gospel, which has been preserved in the Reliquary of the great altar.I, Mary … [Read more...]

A Funny Quote

"We plastic surgeons have a saying: 'If we can help someone's self esteem a little, then why not do it if they have $3000.'" - South Park … [Read more...]