5 Fave Spiritual Books to Read During Lent #5Faves

Jenna over at Call Her Happy is busy having a baby so she's doing a lot of guest posts.  I'm not sure if her Wednesday Link Up is happening at the moment, but I'm going to do it anyway. Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.  It's the perfect time to renew your spiritual life and get closer to Jesus!  I find that spiritual reading really helps me to not only learn more about my faith, but it makes me a better person / Catholic (I hope).  So here are some of my … [Read more...]

What are You Giving Up?

[Pin Source] I really like the idea of giving something up.  Doing acts of kindness and adding something into your routine, praying more, reading spiritual books, etc are all great too, and I'm going to try some of those, but sacrificing is so important in Lent.  Sacrificing something you love, something you will miss is hard, and it reminds us of Jesus' suffering for us.  We can also "offer it up" and make that suffering redemptive.  Redemptive Suffering is one of my favorite aspects of … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Paper Chain Craft

Here's a fun and easy craft you can do with your kids or students to help them focus on the reason for the season!  Cupcakes, Hobbs, and I took turns coming up with things we're thankful for, things we want to thank God for.  It was a great teaching tool for Cupcakes! It was also a great craft for practicing use of scissors and glue.  I cut some strips and then I let Cupcakes cut some "strips":     Cupcakes' "quasadilla" Then, as a family, we all talked about … [Read more...]

#Ashtag & Lenten Promises

I heard that this year, people were taking selfies and posting them to social media with the hashtag, #Ashtag.  HILARIOUS!  I'm sorry to have missed out!!  Thankfully, Ash Wednesday isn't a Holy Day of Obligation because we didn't make it.  :( [Source: Creative Commons] During Lent, Ash Wednesday as well as all Fridays are meatless, but on Ash Wednesday / Good Friday, Catholics are required to fast as well.  Prayer and fasting are very powerful tools.  This is the second Lent that I've … [Read more...]

7QT: Choosing Happiness, Coupons & Preggos

- 1 - Happy Friday! It's been quite an eventful week - in a bad way.  So I'm thrilled for Friday!  And although I'm nervous about the whole birth-giving thing and breastfeeding thing, I am psyched about maternity leave!  Woohoo!  :) - 2 - Dessert of the Week Birthday cake for my lovely husband. - 3 - Pajama Day at Work! Who doesn't love a good Pajama Day?!  I love 'em!  The kids all look so cute and get so excited about coming to school in their jammies.  I'm also stoked because … [Read more...]

7QT: Cupcakes, Comedians, & Potty Training

- 1 - Happy Friday! September is a rough month for me, as a teacher.  All I can think about is Halloween and all the awesome bulletin boards / art projects / decorations I'm going to be able to do when September is over.  What can I do now??  Apples?  Done.  Now what?! - 2 - Dessert of the Week CUPCAKES That I MADE! Story to come. So delicious!!  :) - 3 - I'm So Tired. All the time.  That is all. - 4 - Do You Need Help with Potty Training? Here's a fun app for kids to … [Read more...]

Taking a Break from Laughing for Prayer Day

Papa Francis has asked all Catholics, other Christians, people of other faith traditions and people of good will everywhere to pray and fast for peace today for Syria. Please join us and spread the word! Love. I'll be back with Saturday laughs next week. … [Read more...]

God’s Divine Mercy

I think this is one of the most incredible devotions I've heard!  Saint Faustina saw apparitions of Christ Himself and wrote all about what she was told in her diary, now a book called Diary: Divine Mercy in my Soul.  I actually haven't read this book yet, but it's next on my list.  Have you read it?  I've heard wonderful things. I wanted to share the devotion because God loves you, me, everyone and His mercy is greater than we can imagine. The Divine Mercy chaplet takes only about 5 … [Read more...]

Blog Silence for Sandy Hook

[Read more...]

Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

I wanted to pass along an easy way to donate money to help the victims of Hurricane / Superstorm Sandy. Catholic Charities nonprofit agencies provide disaster services to people of all beliefs.  They are fully prepared to assists families and individuals with shelter, food and other immediate and long-term needs. You can donate safely on-line by clicking the Catholic Charities picture.  They also give other ways to donate (by mail or over the phone). Thanks for any help you can give! Of … [Read more...]