Filofax Week 15: Peeps and Candy

Theme: Peeps and Candy Colors: Pink and Green Materials: Pink Washi: Hello Washi Etsy Shop Peeps / Candy Stickers: Target Dollar Spot Jesus Sticker: Catholic Shop The Documented Life Project: [Art to the 5th blog] Art Challenge: Watercolors Journal Prompt: Water Under the Bridge ... Last Week ... Link up! What does YOUR planner look like this week? What are YOU planning?? Let's share inspirations! … [Read more...]

7QT: Pajama Christmas Adventure!

- 1 - Happy Friday! Can you BELIEVE we're about to be entering into Christmas week?!  This is such an incredibly exciting time of year! - 2 - Dessert of the Week My sister got the family a French Silk pie from Baker's Square (as you know that's my favorite pie), but shockingly no one at my parents' house ate it.  (?!?!?!)  So my mom brought it over to my house.  We ate it after bedtime over the course of a few days and it was absolutely delicious.  PLUS it was Christmas decorated - red … [Read more...]

5 Simple Steps to Improve Kids Water Safety

A Guest Post by Kaitlin who blogs at An Apple Per Day When it comes to keeping kids safe in and around the water, the general rule of thumb is “layers of protection.” In other words, the old saying, “Less is more,” definitely does not apply when it comes to kids and water safety. Making sure that all of the basics are covered from the inside (of the house) outward to the pool is one of the best ways to keep kids and their friends enjoying the pool all season long. {Picture Source - … [Read more...]

How to Make Incredible Snow Ice Cream

I have a very vague memory from my childhood of making snow ice cream with my mom.  I know that it was an awesome experience, but I can't remember (and neither can my mom) how to make it or what it tasted like. After three deep freezes, we here in Chi-town, were all kind of hoping the worst of the winter was over and we could start looking forward to spring.  NOPE.  It was like white-out conditions today!  The roads were horrible, and it took Hobbs and I twice as long to get home from our … [Read more...]

{Wordless} Trying to Catch a Cricket

If you didn't know about what Cupcakes thinks of crickets, you can see the 10 second video on my What Crickets Do (Saturday Laughs) post! … [Read more...]

{Wordless-ish} Tall Ships

  This past weekend, I went with my parents, brother, sister, and sis's boyfriend downtown to see the Tall Ships at Navy Pier.  I took this opportunity to work on fine-tuning my newly developing Instagram skillz.  This is definitely the best Instagram picture I've taken so far.  I want to say that the only app I used to work with it is Snapseed.  It's not unfiltered, but it *is* so BA!  Do you love it?! I wrote a whole post about what I learned at BlogHer on this topic: Improving … [Read more...]

{Wordless} Breathtaking Beauty in Montana

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{Wordless} Fun at a Park!

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Cupcakes has been Traumatized and I Feel so Bad!

At least it wasn't my fault! Cupcakes was hanging out with her Grandma and Poppa when they realized our next-door neighbors were having their tree cut.  Our neighbors have this big tree between our two properties and in the most recent wind storm, one of the high-up branches got twisted and broken.  They had to hire someone to remove it. The tree I'm talking about is the one front and center in this picture. When the men started up the chainsaws, Cupcakes was laughing, but when the pieces … [Read more...]

Fall Things

Happy Fall, everyone! I just love this time of year. Here are some of my favorite Autumn things! <3 [Remember when I did Summer Things?  This is Fall Things.  :) [Picture Source - Creative Commons] Halloween, Beautiful Colors everywhere, Hoodies, Sweaters, Hot Chocolate (my marshmallows melt too fast), Brisk Air, Crunching on the Fallen Leaves, Lack of intense heat, Lower electric bills!, Nostalgia / Memories, Trick Or Treating, Hot Apple Cider, Hard Apple Cider ;-), Open Air through … [Read more...]