7QT: Weddings and Walking

- 1 - #Updates Tootsie Roll has his 1 year doctor appointment today. As far as other updates, my sister's wedding is pretty much THE update!  The wedding is in just about 3 weeks (is that right?!) and the bachelorette party in 2 weeks!  SO MUCH TO DO! - 2 - Baby's First Steps Tootsie Roll is still getting this walking thing down.  I love how he has his arms out for balance.  He also keeps his mouth wide open for, I think, the same reason. I put some more videos up on my … [Read more...]

Yay, Touchdown & other Saturday Laughs

5. So babies are the cutest and most fun things ever. Tootsie Roll has learned two tricks. Is it too reminiscent of dogs to call them tricks? Anyway, here's one of them: TOUCHDOWN! 4. We went to the mall with my mom the other night, and she (my mom) was very shocked to find out that Cupcakes does not yet have all of the Ty My Little Pony stuffed animals.  We saw them at our local Japanese Import store, and she found out about the lack of MLP stuffies.  So she got Cupcakes a Twilight Sparkle. … [Read more...]

Cupcakes’ Wink Face & other Saturday Laughs

5. New Skill: Crawling over to mommy when he has poop to get a diaper change.  Nice job, TR! 4. Siblings playing together.  It's always adorable and often hilarious. 3. Classic Cupcakes' Wink Face:   2. CUPCAKES (in a sing song voice): "Mommy, go hide from me.  I have to do something you don't want me to do." DADDY: "What is it?" CUPCAKES: "It's a seeeecret…" DADDY: "Is it sucking your thumb?"  ooo busted! 1. Sidenote: Tootsie Roll is CRAWLING … [Read more...]

Christmas Laughs 2014!

5. A Funny Face.  Cupcakes is excited to open her stocking. 4. I love this picture of TR opening his gifts, haha! By the way, he's sitting up on his own now!  That started a couple of days ago, but since it's so gradual, I'm not sure which date, exactly.  Oops. 3. Look who's already in Blogger Training!! 2. Day After Christmas Cuddles! 1. My aunt gave them each a gift card to Toys R Us.  So we had a shopping spree yesterday.  Look who Cupcakes found! Linking up these laughs … [Read more...]

Baby Proposals!! and other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes' Godparents got her a Christmas gift, which included this adorable knit Cupcake hat:   She loved it so much that she insisted on sleeping in it and then the next morning she told me all about how great it was to have slept in it.  Ha! 4. Tootsie Roll proposed to my future daughter-in-law this past week.  He gave her this lovely light up ring for a Christmas present.  Also, he's able to sit on his own now (for a few seconds)! 3. Cupcakes thought it was … [Read more...]

7QT on my Last Day of Maternity Leave

- 1 - Happy Friday It's here.  Gulp.  Wasn't he just born?! I'll be reporting to work in two days. Pray for me. PLEASE. - 2 - Dessert of the Week "Last-Week-of-Maternity-Leave" Cupcakes - 3 - Positive Thoughts Journal or… Think Happy Thoughts Journal or… Choose Happiness Journal. I bought a little sketchbook.  $4. And in it, I'm going to make artwork out of all my favorite motivational sayings that I've found on Pinterest.  And I'm going to bring it to work.  And pull … [Read more...]

Working Mom for a Year Now

So I've been a working mom for a year now. I started working at the daycare center on Jan 30th last year.  It is so hard to believe that it's been that long.  A year ago, we were still living with my parents - all of us in that room together.  We were dreaming of being able to watch movies together on a couch instead of at the dining room table.  We were wondering how great it would be to go to bed without having to move so slowly in the dark for fear of waking her up.  We moved into our home … [Read more...]

2 Year Letter to Cupcakes

Dear Cupcakes, I love you SOOO much!  I can't believe we're here at your 2 year old milestone!  <3  Congrats on an amazing 2 years!!  We've had so much fun together. This is what you looked like one year ago: And my favorite picture from your first birthday party: Hee hee hee adorbz!  This is you now: You're so so adorable and getting prettier and prettier all the time.  <3  You're so beautiful and you're so smart! You string 3 and 4 words together to make your own … [Read more...]

7QT: Glowing Cupcakes, Cutest Toddler, Me Time…

- 1 - Happy Friday! I am trying trying trying to be more patient.  Patience is necessary when working with 16 two-year-olds and I need more!  If any of you have tips on how to be more patient, lay 'em on me!  How was your week?? - 2 - Cupcakes for All! Source: foodsnots.com via Jamie on Pinterest Glow in the dark cupcakes!!  Lets do Halloween Cupcakes this month! - 3 - Can you believe it's about to be OCTOBER?! I am SO excited!!  Let the Halloween themes begin!  I've … [Read more...]

{Wordless} Genius Baby Knows Colors!

Maybe I'm just being a braggy mom, but it seems like knowing your colors at 19 months is an incredible feat.  Am I right?! … [Read more...]