My Birthday 6 Years Ago (the continuing Crossroads story)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  lol!  If you want to get me a birthday present, the BEST thing you could do is pin THIS post (How to Feed a Toddler Part 2) for me!!  I would LOVE it!  It has 46 more ideas for you.  :) Anyway, 6 years ago today, on my birthday, we were walking through Madison, WI... almost home!  I was on Dayshift that week ... ** To read about What Crossroads is and how it works, click HERE. *** To read the rest of the story including the love story (how I met my husband), start … [Read more...]

Crossroads: The Love Story Continues… in Wall

To read the beginning of the story, click here: I Walked Across the Country. Have you ever been to Wall, South Dakota?  It's quite magical.  Many think it's just a tourist trap, but I respectfully disagree. It's the place where my husband and I fell in love.  <3 Pictured right is the first picture of Hobbs and I together. It only took a month of knowing each other before we were in love, although we didn't know it (admit it?) at the time.  However, looking back on the experience, … [Read more...]

Crossroads: Beginnings of a Friendship

"The best relationships start out as friendships" - Unknown Crossroads: That Time I Walked Across the Country How I Met My Husband The Love Story Part II The Love Story Part III The Love Story Continues (Part IV)  So not only was Hobbs planning on joining the priesthood, but I had a boyfriend and had just started talking to my ex - the guy I thought I was in love with (barf) - again.  It seemed that the odds were stacked against us. However, when you walk across the country and live in … [Read more...]

Crossroads: The Love Story Continues

Crossroads How I Met My Husband Love Story Part II Love Story Part III I'm getting a little behind... I'm trying to recount the summer of 2006 in splurts on my blog once a week.  It was an eventful 3 months and I have a lot to say which is why these Thursday Memoir posts are so long.  I hope you're enjoying them. I'm telling you this as a Love Story because this is how I met my husband, but Crossroads was so much more than that.  We were walking across the country to witness to what we … [Read more...]

Crossroads: How I Met My Husband Part II

What is Crossroads? How I Met my Husband Part I  After that ... less than perfect impression that I made on Hobbs, we didn't talk much.  I don't think he was really upset with me, but we just didn't talk. We are both pretty shy people.  Like I told you the other day, it took a lot of my courage to go up to him and simply introduce myself. Since I had been with some of the Roaders since that past Wednesday I knew them a little better.  El Capitan, our walk leader came right after I did … [Read more...]

Crossroads: How I Met My Husband

I met my husband, Hobbs, 6 years ago today.  I can't believe it's been that long! I got to Seattle early for my walk across the country.  The first few days were set aside for getting to know everyone and training.  I arrived on a Wednesday and most of the 12 of us were there by Sat urday.  Smooze, Beth and I spent Wednesday and Thursday in tents at a camp site.  It was an incredible couple of days.  I think I'm getting off track... We headed over to the Host Family's house Friday. … [Read more...]

Crossroads: That Time I Walked Across the Country

I've had this blog for over a year now. It's time I shared with you the summer that changed my life.  (And I'm SO excited to do so!) In 2006, I walked across the country. One year ago - May 17, 2006 - I joined the other "Roaders" (12 of us in all) in Seattle, WA. The group is called Crossroads and they get men and women (primarily college students, but anyone 18+) to walk every year across the United States and Canada to stand up for Life & peacefully stand up (and walk) against … [Read more...]

Memoir Series: Bap-a-tism

"When I was Bap-a-tized, I turned into a Dragon!" - a 1st Grade Student in a Catechism class I once taught.  <3  If these are really my memoirs, and since I already told you the embarrassing story of how my lif ebegan, I have to include the beginning of my spiritual life... I was born on July 5th, 1985 <-- a birth date which I happen to think is pretty sweet.  And a few months later, my parents had me baptized. Baptism, for Catholics, is a sacrament in which children are welcomed … [Read more...]

7QT: Things I Like… Things I’ve Always Liked

[Happy Birthday, Mom!] - 1 - Days Off (ie Weekends) Happy Friday - I've always liked days where I didn't have to go to school / work / the babysitters' house.  Looking back, all I've ever wanted to do was stay home.  Or go on vacation - that is a lso a wesome.  For some reason though, it never occurred to me that I would want to be a Stay at Home Mom.  It took actually having a little one to realize that. Source: Uploaded by user via Karolina on Pinterest   - 2 … [Read more...]

Memoir Thursday: My 1st Friend

I know I don't do this every Thursday but Thursday remains the day that I'll use if I decide to write the details of my life.  I got the feeling today that doing this is pretty odd.  Who knows who will read it and why would those who do read it care?  I don't know if / why any of you would like to read the details of my life, but I feel like writing about it.  Maybe the answer to this conundrum is to use a different blog to write such personal things, but I do write about my little Cupcakes so … [Read more...]