7QT: Montana Vacay & Saturday Laughs

- 1 - #Updates - We're in Montana!  On vacation! - So far the only real updates are that the plane rides were good and - We went to a zoo here, which was fun. - My kids played the piano. - My MIL hung out with TR in the morning and let Hobbs and I sleep in!  It was wonderful and I feel like a new person. - We're going to Yellowstone! - It's so pretty here.  <3 - 2 -  Dessert of the Week Brownies and Drumstick Ice Cream - YUM! We had this after our Family Dinner last night. … [Read more...]

Zoo Laughs

We went to the zoo again this past week.  Since I probably take a hundred photos each time we go, I can usually capture some funny moments.  Here are five of them. 5. I took a break and sat down at a picnic table while Hobbs got us refills, and Tootsie Roll just started happily banging on the table. 4. It's always so funny and adorable to watch the kids play with the goats in the new "Wild Encounters" area.  Cupcakes went up to each and every goat this time, even if they were surrounded by … [Read more...]

7QT: Saturday Laughs

- 1 - Updates Tootsie Roll is STILL teething and apparently I'm too tired to remember to do my blog posts. I'm also apparently too tired to keep track of my wallet.  It's gone and I had to cancel all my cards.  I can't remember at all what happened to it. So this post is a combo 7QT and Saturday Laughs! - 2 - Headed to College - 3 - Funny Times at the Mall Play Area You need to SIT FIRST, then slide!   This Face. Driving together!   - 4 - Sibling … [Read more...]

Cat in the Hat, Bicycle Pro and other Saturday Laughs

5. "Mommy, I'm such a good mom.  I'm such a good mom.  I'm so nice.  And I don't take anybody's kids."  Well that's good! 4. You know how kids "cook" foods in their play kitchens and give them to you?  Well, the other day, I think I told her I would play with her as soon as I was finished with my Swagbucks Survey, but she didn't like that: "Mommy I burned your cake 'cause you're not playing with me."  Geez! 3. We're lucky to have a big front window that almost goes floor to ceiling in our … [Read more...]

Saturday Laughs from Detroit!

5. Cupcakes in a giant hotdog, among condiments.  Actually, I think she's the hot dog in the bun... #NomNomNom 4. Lunch! 3. Family Photo in front of the Wiener Mobile! 2. Fun on a circle swing. 1. Feeding sheep with Cupcakes   Linking up these Saturday Laughs with The Mommyhood Chronicles! … [Read more...]

Little Lights, Little Tongues, Little Games, Little Coins & other Saturday Laughs

5. Fun at the playground! 4. Cupcakes and Tootsie Roll found a little nook in the entertainment center to play in.  One of them goes in and the other one closes the door.  Then one of them opens the door and they both laugh and switch places.  Watching them play is my favorite reason to have had a second baby!  Is that sentence grammatically correct??  It seems like it has some tense issues... 3. I'm in love with this picture.  Fun in a cart. 2. Abraham Lincoln. 1. My sister put … [Read more...]

Splashing, Apples, Teddy Bears & other Saturday Laughs

5. The two siblings shared an apple and I found it hilarious and adorable.  I had no idea Tootsie Roll could take bites out of an apple like that, but he was NOT shy! 4. He loved the Splash Pad we visited and got soaking wet.  I think he regretted it at the end... he seemed cold. 3. Here's a picture of TR climbing up my back as I laid on the ground.  He always climbs on people on the ground. 2. We had a lovely Teddy Bear Picnic yesterday, and Cupcakes brought all of her best … [Read more...]

Lil Bruno Mars, Sibling Love, Chalk Butt & other Saturday Laughs

5. This is the cutest sibling picture ever!  Cupcakes was cracking up at Tootsie Roll's antics! 4. "Every time I close my eyes, I see my name in shining lights!" My little Bruno <3 3. Ya know when your kids hear everything you say?  This is a version of something Cupcakes heard from either Hobbs or me (directed at me): "In one minute, you're going to fall apart." 2. The diaper pool story from yesterday's 7QT post is pretty funny.  Poor TR's 'sposie completely filled with the pool … [Read more...]

Saturday Laughs: Cupcakes “Read” Me Her Story

  "Its not very unreasonable." "Why?" "I don't know. It's not very unreasonable." "Just relax." "I'm not very missing my unicorn right now." "Cause when we line up its not very fun." "And then after you squeeze through, just really saueezin' cause when you do this it's not very unreasonable to want milk so don't worry." LOVE IT I'm not linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles because she went to the New Kids on the Block concert.  But I will next week! … [Read more...]

Business of Being a Princess & other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes on Wednesday morning... ME: "All my kids wake up too early so Mommy is tired." CUPCAKES: "Well I don't have to go back to bed; I have a lot of business to do!" ME: "You don't have to go back to bed.  What kind of business do you have to do?" CUPCAKES: "I have to draw, and be a princess, and play Legos... all that.  So I can't go back to bed!" 4. Baby Picnic! 3. Cupcakes has been drawing a lot of birds...   CUPCAKES: Mommy, how do you draw a bird? ME: Umm you … [Read more...]