How to Add Pin Buttons to Your Sidebar

The reasons for my writing this post are twofold: to share the knowledge with you, and so when I forget how to put this code together, I have a reference.  ::wink face:: Do you see all the pretty pins on my sidebar with the nice 'pin it' button? These are some popular posts, some posts that used to be popular, some seasonally-appropriate posts, or posts I think are worthy.  In having them here, readers can bounce to more posts that might interest them!  Therefore, more traffic for me; … [Read more...]

Easy Snowman Craft to Make Ornaments or Whatever

I need to do more crafts with my kid(s), and what better time to start than Christmas time??  I found an amazing one on pinterest from the blog, Crafts for All Seasons: Glue Snowmen. Supplies Needed: Wax Paper Elmer's Bottle Glue Sequence or Small Buttons Christmas Ribbon Bits of Scrap Paper for Top Hats Beads & Fun Beads   Method: - Put out a sheet of wax paper. [I used Parchment Paper here, and I think that was a HUGE mistake.  I should have just gone out and bought … [Read more...]

How to Make Batman Korker Bows… or Any Kind of Korker Bows

Materials: Yellow & Black thin ribbon (or any other colors) Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Alligator Hair Clips Needle and Thread Dowel Rods (1/4") Small Clothes Pins Scissors Lighter Oven / Cookie Sheet / Tin Foil Method ** I learned how to make these from The Frugal Girls blog ** Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Wrap ribbon around the dowel rods and hold them down with clothes pins Line them up on a cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven. Cut each … [Read more...]

How To Make Witch Hat Halloween Treats

  How to Make Chocolate Witch Hats For Your Halloween Party or Whatever This is a great treat to make because it requires so few ingredients and kids are easily able to help while having a lot of fun!  Cupcakes LOVED helping me make (and eat) these delicious witch hats. Ingredients   Fudge Striped Cookies Hershey's Kisses Orange Vanilla Frosting (We bought Halloween Frosting that was already orange, but you could also buy regular vanilla frosting and color it with yellow … [Read more...]

Easy & Fun DIY Ghost Decorations

Cupcakes and I had a super fun time making those simple ghost decorations!!  Here's how you can make them with your kids! Materials * White 13 Gallon Garbage Bags * Old Newspaper / Magazine * Black Construction Paper * Scissors & Scotch Tape * Paperclips & Twine * Yarn or Stapler * Trees / Hook to Hang Decorations How To Make Ghosts * Open Garbage Bag * Have kid(s) crumple newspaper pages * Throw them into the bag * Cut out eyes and a mouth * Tape them onto the top of … [Read more...]

5 Simple Steps to Improve Kids Water Safety

A Guest Post by Kaitlin who blogs at An Apple Per Day When it comes to keeping kids safe in and around the water, the general rule of thumb is “layers of protection.” In other words, the old saying, “Less is more,” definitely does not apply when it comes to kids and water safety. Making sure that all of the basics are covered from the inside (of the house) outward to the pool is one of the best ways to keep kids and their friends enjoying the pool all season long. {Picture Source - … [Read more...]

Hilarious Maternity Shirt for St Patrick’s Day

I know it's the 11th Hour, but this is a QUICK St. Patrick's Day t-shirt that you can throw together tonight and wear tomorrow! :)  Just head on over to Target right now.  I am hoping people at work find it as hilarious as I do! Funny St. Patrick's Day Maternity T-Shirt Materials: Green T-Shirt from Target  - $5 Fabric Paint (I already had access to it) I used Green and Yellow A Green Magic Marker I got the saying from THIS PIN Instructions: I drew the design lightly with my … [Read more...]

7QT: Choosing Happiness, Coupons & Preggos

- 1 - Happy Friday! It's been quite an eventful week - in a bad way.  So I'm thrilled for Friday!  And although I'm nervous about the whole birth-giving thing and breastfeeding thing, I am psyched about maternity leave!  Woohoo!  :) - 2 - Dessert of the Week Birthday cake for my lovely husband. - 3 - Pajama Day at Work! Who doesn't love a good Pajama Day?!  I love 'em!  The kids all look so cute and get so excited about coming to school in their jammies.  I'm also stoked because … [Read more...]

How to Make Incredible Snow Ice Cream

I have a very vague memory from my childhood of making snow ice cream with my mom.  I know that it was an awesome experience, but I can't remember (and neither can my mom) how to make it or what it tasted like. After three deep freezes, we here in Chi-town, were all kind of hoping the worst of the winter was over and we could start looking forward to spring.  NOPE.  It was like white-out conditions today!  The roads were horrible, and it took Hobbs and I twice as long to get home from our … [Read more...]

You Rock, Valentine! Easy & Cute Gift Idea

iPod Valentines: You Rock! My amazing teaching assistant, Barbie went searching for an awesome Valentine's gift for our students and found the iPod pictured above.  She found a ton of iPod Valentine's Ideas for inspiration on Pinterest. Here's how *we* did it. Materials: Mini Conversation Hearts Boxes Hershey's Kisses Pink & White Construction Paper Black Marker Red Curling Ribbon Scissors Glue Stick Method: Wrap Conversation Hearts Box with a strip of pink construction … [Read more...]