All the Babies, Sunglasses Swiper & other Saturday Laughs

5. Tootsie Roll stood up using his walkie toy and then practically raced across the room with it.  You can tell by the adorable sounds he's making that he was QUITE proud of himself! Unfortunately, Instagram won't let me embed the video (grr), so if you want to see it you'll have to click this link: Baby Runs Across Room!  Sorry.  But I promise it's worth it! 4. This picture is funny because we were trying so hard to take a family zoo picture... which is tricky when you have to do it … [Read more...]

Yay, Touchdown & other Saturday Laughs

5. So babies are the cutest and most fun things ever. Tootsie Roll has learned two tricks. Is it too reminiscent of dogs to call them tricks? Anyway, here's one of them: TOUCHDOWN! 4. We went to the mall with my mom the other night, and she (my mom) was very shocked to find out that Cupcakes does not yet have all of the Ty My Little Pony stuffed animals.  We saw them at our local Japanese Import store, and she found out about the lack of MLP stuffies.  So she got Cupcakes a Twilight Sparkle. … [Read more...]

Baby Led Weaning, Motorcycle Babes & other Saturday Laughs

5. Go home, baby… you're drunk.   4. She likes to force her love on him… while he struggles to get away.  Classic brother behavior.   3. So glad they have these things at the mall so I could snap this photo:   2. Accidental Baby Led Weaning… mmm peas!   1. I only let Cupcakes have one banana per day so when she goes in the kitchen and sees one, she always gets excited and tells her daddy, "I'm going to go tell mommy if I've had a banana … [Read more...]

Cupcakes’ Wink Face & other Saturday Laughs

5. New Skill: Crawling over to mommy when he has poop to get a diaper change.  Nice job, TR! 4. Siblings playing together.  It's always adorable and often hilarious. 3. Classic Cupcakes' Wink Face:   2. CUPCAKES (in a sing song voice): "Mommy, go hide from me.  I have to do something you don't want me to do." DADDY: "What is it?" CUPCAKES: "It's a seeeecret…" DADDY: "Is it sucking your thumb?"  ooo busted! 1. Sidenote: Tootsie Roll is CRAWLING … [Read more...]

Cupcakes’ Christmas Wedding

For this week's Saturday Laughs, I'm going to recount for you Cupcakes' description of her "Christmas Wedding".  It's pretty much the cutest.  In her words... On The Guest List: Mommy, Grandpa, Nana, Tootsie Roll, Daddy, Grandma, Poppa, Auntie Jenn, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Bob, and Auntie Amy. Decorations: Christmas Tree.  I moved it and put it in her bed to climb on top way up high.  There's a bow on the Christmas tree and decorations. There's going to be flowers in the aisle - those … [Read more...]

Christmas Laughs 2014!

5. A Funny Face.  Cupcakes is excited to open her stocking. 4. I love this picture of TR opening his gifts, haha! By the way, he's sitting up on his own now!  That started a couple of days ago, but since it's so gradual, I'm not sure which date, exactly.  Oops. 3. Look who's already in Blogger Training!! 2. Day After Christmas Cuddles! 1. My aunt gave them each a gift card to Toys R Us.  So we had a shopping spree yesterday.  Look who Cupcakes found! Linking up these laughs … [Read more...]

Baby Proposals!! and other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes' Godparents got her a Christmas gift, which included this adorable knit Cupcake hat:   She loved it so much that she insisted on sleeping in it and then the next morning she told me all about how great it was to have slept in it.  Ha! 4. Tootsie Roll proposed to my future daughter-in-law this past week.  He gave her this lovely light up ring for a Christmas present.  Also, he's able to sit on his own now (for a few seconds)! 3. Cupcakes thought it was … [Read more...]

Lights, My Eyes, Green Bean Games and other Saturday Laughs

5. I went in Cupcakes' room to say good night two nights ago... ME: Hey Princess, what was your favorite part of today? CUPCAKES: When we ate food and had a chocolate and played with your lambs and dinner.  And your eyes. *** AWWW *** ME: Awww your eyes are *MY* favorite!! 4. Tootsie Roll has a new favorite toy!!   3. For some reason I think it's hilarious to string the Christmas tree lights around my child: 2. Uncle Bob gave Cupcakes a new adorable Elsa doll. … [Read more...]

Hilarious Faces My Kids Made *Saturday Laughs*

  5. "The wolf's going to eat the baby bears!"  Worriedly watching Disney Nature's Bears. <3   4. Enough said.   3. Sibling Love.  TR's face at Cupcakes as he shakes Mr. Giraffe.   2. I don't know why TR made this face, but it's pretty much hilarious.   1. This face.  Also hilarious.  Those lips!  <3 We're all having a great time.  :) Linking these Laughs with The Mommyhood Chronicles. … [Read more...]

Montana Laughs!

5. Have any of you seen these?! Oxygen bars?? The sign says it helps with stress, headaches, nausea, hangovers, etc...  I wonder how much it costs to sit there and breath some air.  I found it hilarious.  Hobbs explained, it's flavored oxygen and they have these all over.  It reminded me of a futuristic science fiction novel.  Anyone else?!  Or are we just accepting this as a normal thing?   4. Auntie Amy got Cupcakes a set of Tinkerbell & Friends fairies that have shoes and … [Read more...]