Bruno Mars Easter Earworm, Mutilated Bunny Cake & other Saturday Laughs

5. A hilarious earworm for you in honor of Easter.  And Bruno Mars. 4. Speaking of Easter, doesn't this make you sad (in a funny way): 3. Messy babies at the dinner table are always hilarious.  And adorable.  Especially this boy: 2. While playing with Shopkins, Cupcakes told me it really bothers her that these two's eyes are "at the bottom of them".  It's so funny the way kids see things! 1. I snapped this picture when Cupcakes got up during the night for a drink of water.  I'm in … [Read more...]


- 1 - #Updates HAPPY EASTER!! - 2 - Blog Stuff My goal is to read one blog post that I've pinned to my Bloggy & Social Media pin board per day.  I particularly enjoyed this one: How to Attract New Readers to your Blog The author of this post on Live Randomly Simple suggests submitting posts / articles to sites and blogs that accept submissions.  She has a whole long list on this one of her Blog Tips posts!  Check it out; it sounds like a great idea. - 3 - Easter … [Read more...]

We had a Wonderful Easter! Photo Collage Dump!

I'm kind of super proud of these collages. We had a great day. I would love to see all of your Easter photos too! If you wrote Easter blog posts, put your link in the comments. Smiley face. … [Read more...]

Happy Easter 2015!

He is Risen! Alleluia!! Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!  <3 … [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Ideas for Easter Basket Stuffers

It's still Lent, but I can't wait until Easter to tell you my basket ideas!  We moms (and Easter Bunnies) have to be prepared.  I don't do big gifts in Easter baskets, but I also don't want to load my littles up with chocolate / candy / sugar, etc.  So I found some fun gifts for Cupcakes (not sure what I'm doing for the baby yet) on amazon!  She is going to love these little things, and most are very inexpensive! Some Easter Basket Ideas The Story of Easter: It was very important to me to … [Read more...]

Happy Easter from our Family to Yours! 2014

      … [Read more...]

7QT: Great Easter, Cupcake Problems

- 1 - Happy Friday It's been an extremely HECTIC week!!  Or maybe it just seems that way because I had so few kids for spring break week... Either way, I'm exhausted and very excited for the weekend.  :)  It'll be a nice relaxing weekend, hopefully. - 2 - Cupcake Spotlight  I have a really sweet cupcake to share with you but due to some unfortunate changes over at pinterest, I am no longer able to embed pins.  In theory, I should be able to.  I see the embed button, it takes me to the … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

From our family to yours, we wish you a most blessed and fun Easter! Accept the risen Jesus into your life. Even if you have been far away, take a small step towards him: he awaits you with open arms. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) March 31, 2013   … [Read more...]

My Favorite Meal and other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes was sick again last week.  One night I was going in to soothe her because she had woken up with a fever.  When she laid back down on the pillow, she told me, "All better now."  What a trooper.  <3 4. I come home on my lunch break every day because I have to pick up Cupcakes and take her back to daycare with me.  Ever time I come home she says, "Shoes off!" in hopes that I'll stay. 3. This conversation was SOOO cute!  Cupcakes had never asked this before, but she came up to … [Read more...]

7QT: Good Friday, Easter, Spring Break & More

- 1 - Happy [Good] Friday! You can read about my amazing week below, but I want to take a moment to commemorate this particular Friday: Good Friday.  This is probably the greatest anniversary of our human history.  Our Lord gave His life for us this day.  He gave his life so that we "might not perish, but have eternal life!" (Jn 3;16).  There is no greater love than this.  <3 I should do a whole post about the Divine Mercy Chaplet and why you should say it today in the 3 o'clock hour, … [Read more...]