Zoo Laughs

We went to the zoo again this past week.  Since I probably take a hundred photos each time we go, I can usually capture some funny moments.  Here are five of them. 5. I took a break and sat down at a picnic table while Hobbs got us refills, and Tootsie Roll just started happily banging on the table. 4. It's always so funny and adorable to watch the kids play with the goats in the new "Wild Encounters" area.  Cupcakes went up to each and every goat this time, even if they were surrounded by … [Read more...]

I Love These Kidgets Diapers!

I'm happy to bring you this sponsored post for Kidgets diapers today because I'm a mom with a little baby.  I'm a huge fan of good diapers that are a great value for the money I spend.  These diapers meet all my criteria to trust them on my baby's bottom. When considering the purpose of diapers, WHY would we spend more than is absolutely necessary?  Kidgets diapers are wonderful: they don't leak, they fit well, they don't harm Baby's sensitive skin, they're budget-friendly, and ... they're … [Read more...]

Real Talk: Teething

I am so tired. Tootsie Roll is getting a whole bunch of teeth including two top molars all at once.  He's normally a great sleeper but he's in so much pain.  I have little to no problem giving him medicine, which helps, but I still sit up with him while we wait for it to kick in. During that time, I usually let him gnaw on a celery which makes his gums feel a little better, but lately he's in so much pain that he won't even try to chew on it. So we watch Netflix together and he lays on … [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Things to Do in the Summer #5Faves

I love Summer; it is such a wonderful time of the year. And I very much dislike winter.  So I'm happy to share five of my favorite activities during the summer: 1. Draw on the sidewalk / driveway with chalk 2. Go exploring with the kids. 3. CARNIVALS! 4. Picnics.  Yum! 5. The 4th of July   If you're looking for fun and free (or cheap) activities to do with your kids during the last month-ish of summer, I wrote a post of 101 ideas!  Click the picture! What are YOUR … [Read more...]

5 Fave Road Trip Necessities When You’re Traveling with Kids

Road Trip Necessities When You're Traveling with Kids I'm about to get in the car between two young kids and travel two states over 5 hours to reach our Michigan destination.  A momma has to be prepared.  Here are the biggies I'm going to need... 1. The Leap Pad This is such a great tool for my preschooler to use in the car!  If you're looking for games,  I once did a post called 5 Fave Leap Pad Learning Games.  I feel good about letting her play on the Leap Pad because it really is a great … [Read more...]

7QT: TR’s First Haircut, A Product Review & More

- 1 - #Updates - Caleb's still teething. - The whole fam went to the Splash Pad / Farmer's Market last night with some friends and that was a lot of fun! - We're going to Detroit next week on vacation! - Cupcakes is still loving gymnastics. - We switched from AT&T to Comcast save some money on Internet (still no TV) - 2 - Dessert of the Week Popcorn and Wine - 3 - Tootsie Roll got his First Haircut! He looks like such a cute little boy! I don't miss the mullet he was … [Read more...]

Lil Bruno Mars, Sibling Love, Chalk Butt & other Saturday Laughs

5. This is the cutest sibling picture ever!  Cupcakes was cracking up at Tootsie Roll's antics! 4. "Every time I close my eyes, I see my name in shining lights!" My little Bruno <3 3. Ya know when your kids hear everything you say?  This is a version of something Cupcakes heard from either Hobbs or me (directed at me): "In one minute, you're going to fall apart." 2. The diaper pool story from yesterday's 7QT post is pretty funny.  Poor TR's 'sposie completely filled with the pool … [Read more...]

7QT: Diapers, Pin It Buttons, Updates & More

- 1 - #Updates - We're starting to be able to get outside again after all the rain storms! - Jurassic World was uh-mazing!  And it was really nice to have a date with Hobbs. - I've started to set up my beautiful Midori Traveler's Notebook. - We're still scanning for kicks & redeeming for Target gift cards with the Shopkicks app! - Tootsie Roll has started coloring!  Now if I could just get him to stop eating the crayons... - The weather let up long enough for us to make it to the … [Read more...]

Share a Selfie with Your Baby & Help a Community Organization! #UltraHug

I love being a blogger.  Sometimes, because I am a blogger, I get to be a part of some really wonderful campaigns that help out the community!  Today is one of those days; I am so excited to team up with Huggies Snug & Dry Ultimate Diapers and Walmart to nominate the WCS Crisis Pregnancy Center in my community for a $2,000 grant.  You can nominate YOUR community project too! My baby and I nominate WCS Crisis Pregnancy Center for a $2k grant from @Huggies Who would you nominate? … [Read more...]

Business of Being a Princess & other Saturday Laughs

5. Cupcakes on Wednesday morning... ME: "All my kids wake up too early so Mommy is tired." CUPCAKES: "Well I don't have to go back to bed; I have a lot of business to do!" ME: "You don't have to go back to bed.  What kind of business do you have to do?" CUPCAKES: "I have to draw, and be a princess, and play Legos... all that.  So I can't go back to bed!" 4. Baby Picnic! 3. Cupcakes has been drawing a lot of birds...   CUPCAKES: Mommy, how do you draw a bird? ME: Umm you … [Read more...]