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Hi!  My name is Jamie.  Nice to “meet” you.  :)  Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I love my husband with my whole heart ♥.  Our wedding was July 10, 2009 on the anniversary of the first time we held hands.  [Aww]  My husband is my best friend.  We’ve known each other for 8+ years now, which seems pretty crazy to me!
[We met that one time we walked across the country. (For real)]

On 12-02-2010, we had a little girl: “Cupcakes”.  She is the namesake for this blog – it is all for my love of Cupcakes.  Who doesn’t love cupcakes??  Our son, “Tootsie Roll” was born 04-24-14.  My kids have awesome birth dates!!  We also have 2 babies in heaven who died in the womb on 9-26-09: Chris Francis and 8-2-12: Logan Kelly <3  {Baby Chris & Baby Logan, pray for us!}


I was employed as a Kindergarten teacher at a Catholic school, but my school closed due to financial problems.  I got pregnant with Cupcakes during my second year there.  We then moved back in with my parents so I could stay home.  After about a year of that, I went back to work as a daycare teacher.

All I’ve really wanted to do since I had my first baby, however, was to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom / Blogger.  I’m so pleased to say it is *finally* that time for me!  We just bought our first house, and now I’m livin’ the dream.

My blog is a Mom blog, but I write about motherhood, Catholicism, education, marriage, baby/toddler food, saving & making money, blogging…   My interests include: writing, drawing, reading, crafting, taking walks, and Internetting.

I love my friends — they are all amazing!  Sometimes I socialize with the ones in real life, but many of them also live in my computer.

I love my Catholic faith. I love Jesus; I love the Eucharist.  I am passionate about the Pro Life Movement. I LOVE LIFE!!!

I have a great time in nearly every setting and I get excited pretty easily.  That’s probably my favorite thing about myself.  I’ve been journaling about my life since I was 7 years old.  “If life’s worth living, it’s worth recording.” -ShayCarl  Life is definitely worth living!  Now that I have these new people in my life with whom I am completely in love, I have so much to say!  Hence the blog.  I really hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to leave me a comment; I always respond via e-mail.  You just have to make sure you’re a Reply-Comment Blogger if you want to read my answer.

God Bless and THANK YOU for reading!!!
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I love my readers around the world:

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