Breakfast with Bakerly

I got these delicious products from Bakerly and decided to add them to a yummy breakfast for my kids and I!  We got this sweet bread and these amazing crepes.

I made some scrambled eggs and biscuits, and included a banana as well for a well-rounded morning meal!  My kids especially love the crepes, which came in chocolate and strawberry.

I loved including this sweet yet very healthy treat to my kids’ normal breakfast.  Of course they went for the crepes first, haha!  I gave them each half of a strawberry crepe and half of a chocolate one.  Cupcakes told me chocolate was her favorite and TR favored strawberry.  Classic.  These are made with simple ingredients and quite healthy.

* Non-GMO
* No preservatives
* No artificial flavors
* No trans fat
and, as they say,
“love baked into each bite”

Since they come individually wrapped, they make a perfect snack.  I sent them to school with Cupcakes in her snack pouch: SO EASY!  I gave them to my son and his friend for their snack that day as well.  In the bowls pictured here, there’s half a strawberry crepe and half a chocolate crepe.

These samples shipped to me were extremely fresh and delicious; I highly recommend them.  Check out their site:  If you try them, let me know what you think!!

** Food items were sent to me for free for my review.  Opinions are 100% my own.

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