Sleepy Toddler, Peg People, Flamingo Friends, & Other Saturday Laughs

5. TR has discovered that he can somehow reach his light switch so naturally, he turns it on after we put him to bed.  I kind of like it because we have to turn the light off when we go to bed and I get to see him sleeping which is supa cute.

4. We painted Peg People and they turned out really well.  TR only put a few paint smudges on his; he mainly just wanted to paint all over the paper.

3. Cupcakes’ teacher is really impressed by the detail she puts in her sentences.

I LOVE this picture: Hobbs is annoyed by all the photos and Cupcakes is extremely excited by his birthday dessert.

1. We rented Cars 2 from the library and watched it on the last Family Movie Night.  Cupcakes was completely entranced, but TR ran into his room and ran back out with his Lightning McQueen yelling “KACHOW!” hahhaha

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  1. This is so cute. Taylor insists we leave the lights on every single night. I am scared of our electricity bill!!!

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