My Most Perfect Coupon Experience

I got a coupon in the mail from JC Penney’s.  It was of my favorite type: “Get $10 Off Your Purchase of $10 or More”.  Sometimes I get these from Kohl’s and Victoria’s Secret as well.

My goal is always to spend as little real money as possible, thereby maximizing my coupon.  I usually end up having to spend between $1.00 – $5.00 because usually things are priced like $4.99 and then there’s also tax.

This time, however, each of the pictured shirts was $5.  When I got to the counter, I didn’t have to pay anything!!  $0!!!

I walked into the store with a piece of cardboard and walked out with two free t-shirts for my kids.

Sometimes people say coupons don’t really save you money because they get you into the store and then you end up spending more money than you ever intended.  Not me, not this time.  Bwa hahaha!  I win!  And now my kids have awesome Valentine’s shirts.   I am super proud of this moment!

Tell me about your most perfect coupon experience!

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