7QT: Planner Dashboard, Easter, Saturday Laughs & More

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– Wow it’s been kind of hectic around here…
– TR’s 2nd birthday party is this weekend
– and for some reason I have a lot of last-minute things to do.
– I’ve been working on our packing lists because…
– Less than 10 days until the California trip!
– The main update is that I’m cold and tired.

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I Made a New Dashboard in my Planner

I made a How To post about it!

Dashboard in Planner

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How Was Your Easter?

I wrote about one of my favorite things to do with my family.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.00.05 PM

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Saturday Laughs

5. TR put all his cars to bed by turing them upside down and told me “shhh” because it’s their nap time. SOO cute!

SL 1

4. See these things in the dump truck?  Cupcakes calls them “seed bugs” and always has.  She decided to load them up in the dump truck back when it was warm outside.

SL 3

3. Now it’s freezing and snowy.

soup nazi

2. Tootsie Roll started a new bedtime routine: he lines up all his cars outside the bathroom while he brushes his teeth.  After we’re done, he gathers ALL of them back up into his arms and carries them to his bed so he can sleep with them.  He’s become really attached to these little cars and it’s so adorable.SL 2

1. Playing with superhero cars at McDonalds on a playdate… I love her face!

SL 5

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Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

 Watching:  Supernatural, IT Crowd, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, and Futurama on Netflix

Listening to: the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast

Currently Reading: Animal Farm by George Orwell &
The Lamb’s Supper by Dr. Scott Hahn

Playing: Minecraft & Mario Kart 8

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