7QT: Star Wars, Chicken Caesar Sliders, & Saturday Laughs

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– It’s so freezing cold out that we can’t leave the house.
– The spider count is up to 6 since last week.  I am not happy.
– This past week, I caught TR playing with my car keys and took them away.  Little did I know, he popped the trunk.  The next day, we tried to go grocery shopping and the car wouldn’t start.  Then it wouldn’t jump.  Sigh.  So we called a tow truck and thankfully he got it to start with his superior jumper cables!  TR is obviously grounded.
– We went to Ikea which is always an adventure!

– 2 –

I Finally Saw Star Wars!

Cupcakes and I LOVED it!  I don’t think Tootsie Roll was as enthusiastic since he kept making Hobbs remove him from the theater.  Thankfully, Hobbs had already seen the movie (opening night) so he didn’t mind letting me stay in with Cupcakes.  Here’s my #WheresRey post.

– 3 –

Chicken Caesar Sliders

This was my favorite dinner that we had this past week!

chicken ceasar sliders

It makes a lot of food so we had it for dinner one night and lunch the next day.  Hobbs, Cupcakes, and I all loved the sandwiches, but we could not get TR to try them.  He did, however, eat the buns and enjoyed them very much.  So the next day, I presented it differently: small chicken pieces in one section and lettuce in another section.  Then, once he ate the chicken (after one bite, he realized he liked the chicken), I gave him a piece of whole wheat bread instead of a bun.  BIG HIT!

– 4 –

Saturday Laughs

5. TR is finally starting to speak on his own (as opposed to just repeating words we tell him to repeat) so now I wake up to, “maMA! maMA! maMA!” lol

4. Cupcakes and I made this awesome fort out of her bricks knowing full well that as soon as TR woke up from his nap, he would destroy it.  He did not disappoint and the video is on my Instagram feed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.58.12 PM

3. I was playing some game with Cupcakes when she suddenly said, “Don’t forget you can never have pets.  Everyone in pretend life is allergic.”

2. TR had a bit of a hard time climbing up on this movie display at the theater but when he got up there, he was so proud of himself.  He just wants to do everything his big sister does.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 1.58.04 PM

1. The whole fam was listening to Disney songs on Hobbs’ Pandora when a Mulan song came on: “… as mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooon!”.  After it ended, Cupcakes pointed out, “Daddy, when that song said ‘dark side of the moon’ it made me think of Star Wars.”  He said, “GOOD!” and then laughed out loud for like 5 minutes.

– 5 –

Watching / Playing / Reading

What we’ve been up to…

 Watching:  Parks and Rec & Supernatural on Netflix

Listening to: the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast

Currently Re-Reading: Wurthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Playing: Super Mario Wii & Minecraft

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  1. Oh my goodness. It is so cold here! Haha! So smart Dark Side of the MOON! LOVE IT!!

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