Birthday Party Laughs, Among Others

5. Here’s a picture of my husband whacking my two kids with an inflatable princess.  They thought it was hilarious.  Haha.
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4. They have matching “Nice List” shirts that St. Nick brought them!!
[How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree for Your Toddler]

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3. Cupcakes making a funny face while showing off her new robe that she got for her birthday.

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2. Adorable and funny shirts I ordered on a Cyber Monday sale!  We’re going to be so ready to go see the movie when it comes out!!

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1. At Cupcakes’ birthday party, everyone got a scoop of ice cream.  I think Tootsie Roll’s was called “Scooper hero” and it was just different colored vanilla ice cream.  He LOVED it (obviously), and even ate it all by himself.  At one point, he was using two spoons.  He’d just dip the spoon in the ice cream and it’d go right into his mouth.  He was so content sitting there for so long just eating his ice cream.  I’m so glad I got a photo because it was hilarious!

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