Toddler Gymnast, Ninja Turtles & Other Saturday Laughs

5. This is Tootsie Roll trying to imitate Cupcakes doing a “bridge up”.  I think for a one year old, this is a pretty amazing job.  Also, he has an apple slice in his mouth.

SL 2

4. Haha I love a good pun.
2015-09-21 19.32.58

3. We’re all going as Ninja Turtles for Halloween (Cupcakes’ idea) and we got the masks this week.  Cupcakes doesn’t like that they have frown-y eyes.

SL 3

2. We were trying to find the turtles’ weapons.  There weren’t any for Hobbs, but he was looking.  He found this staff and handed it to TR.  Why?  I’ll never know.  It was pretty cute though.  (We took it away pretty quick)

SL 1

  1. “When I go to high school, I’ll be able to poop all by myself!” – Undisclosed Source

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  1. Look at your little gymnast! I can’t believe how big he is getting! Love that he will poop when he goes to high school!

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